Our members love working with us. Here are some of their stories.

"As a member of Dresner’s Data Leader program, I’m much more confident in my decisions and have a greater awareness of major factors impacting my practice.  Major value comes from being able to review the research and then have dialogue on the topics with Dresner analysts and Data Leaders peers both live in regular meetings and via the Data Leaders chat board.   I’ve ingrained the research so deeply into management of my practice that I struggle to imagine not having it. It’s routine for me to now review each new research piece and use it to benchmark my organization and identify if we need to dig deeper on a topic.  I absolutely recommend Dresner’s services. The quality, timeliness, and actionability of their research is second to none. Their highly experienced analysts are both approachable and easy to work with in an advisory capacity."

Jonathan Sharr
Senior Director, Technology & Analytics
Dorel Juvenile

"For over a decade, Howard and his team have been my 'Business Intelligence Sherpas'. As Business Intelligence evolves along a non-linear trajectory, the importance of having a knowledgeable ally cannot be overstated. Our partnership with Dresner Advisory Services has proved indispensable, providing strategic insights into the ever-changing market dynamics, guiding our selection of technology tools that align with our objectives, and ensuring the successful implementation of our BI initiatives. Participating in the Data Leaders community affords me valuable interaction time with both my peers and the Dresner team. This engagement grants additional perspectives on how others are navigating their organizational BI needs. I gain firsthand accounts of challenges faced, the strategies devised to overcome them, and insight into their plans for future BI initiatives. "

Charles Boicey
Blue Book Services

"I've been deeply engaged with Dresner's Data Leaders online community, which is a vibrant hub for sharing the latest industry research and practitioner experiences. The quality of Dresner's research is exemplary, providing actionable insights and realistic implementation guidelines. By using Dresner’s performance culture maturity models, I've been able to assess and enhance our data governance structure effectively, identifying critical areas for improvement and tracking progress through well-defined metrics. The community’s supportive environment and rich discussions have significantly influenced our strategic long-term planning and overall business impact."

Gwen Pechan
Vice President, Institutional Technology
Flagler College

"Developing business analytics solutions, I encountered challenges in transforming data into actionable strategies that deliver real value. Dresner Advisory's research provided the guidance needed to evolve an organization into a hyper-decisive one by identifying the right strategies, tools, and personnel. My experience with the team has been extremely positive, marked by their friendly interactions, excellent organization, and valuable insights. Utilizing their services has significantly advanced data literacy within my projects, enhancing data visualization, and planning for digital transformation. This shift has profoundly impacted my work, gradually changing business practices in large corporations, where such transformations are slow but essential. The high-quality data and insights from Dresner Advisory have been a trusted resource, promoting a data-centric approach in decision-making. I would definitely recommend their services for anyone looking to effectively leverage data, thanks to their consistent delivery of actionable insights and steadfast support over the years."

Alexander Kulikov
Head of IT and Data of Groupe SEB Vostok
Group SEB

"I've had the pleasure of knowing Dresner for several years, having attended their RealBI conferences which were consistently spectacular, offering new insights and ideas about BI that were invaluable. More recently, I've subscribed to their Data Leaders research program, which has been transformative for my understanding of big data, AI, and broader BI trends. The research is comprehensive and actionable, providing a clear view of the evolving landscape and enabling me to make informed decisions confidently. The Dresner team has created an indispensable resource that I highly recommend."

Robin Chhetri
Chief Technology Officer
American International Distribution Corportion

"The value of Dresner Advisory Service's expertise quickly became apparent during initial conversations with Howard and his team, so Pigment sought a partnership in order to get access to the analyst team and its research. As a result of the counsel provided by Howard and team we have since grown that partnership to include strategy time between our ELT and Dresner to inform future product and market expansion plans. We regularly turn to Dresner to help inform our market understanding and to shape our future strategy. DAS is a trusted source of counsel and delight to work with. We look forward to many more years of continued partnership"

Graham Westrop
Analyst Relations & Product Marketing

"When our team first embarked on its AR journey, we were seeking a long term partnership with a firm that can work with us as we continue to grow, advance, and evolve. Dresner Advisory already had a strong reputation as a firm focused on business intelligence and data analytics, but what drew us to the firm was their portfolio of analysts who had years of deeply relevant experience and commitment to their craft of advising clients. Under Howard's leadership, the analysts are committed to helping us solve our challenges, whether these are technical, messaging-focused, or roadmap concerns. Under Dresner Advisory's guidance in the last four years, we have matured in our ability to build features, strategy, and messaging that are more meaningful to our prospects, as well as significantly grow our BI business.  We consider Howard and his team long-term trusted advisors who will continue to carry considerable impact in Zoho Analytics Platform's trajectory. "

Sandra Lo
Global Head of Corporate Communications
Zoho Corporation

"Howard Dresner and his team are knowledgeable and respected voices in the business intelligence (BI) and analytics community and Domo has had a long-standing relationship with Dresner Advisory Services, leveraging their market perspectives and strategic counsel. Howard and the team are excellent partners with a customer-first approach and they publish research that’s backed by real end-user data. I highly recommend Dresner for companies seeking a partner with deep BI and analytics expertise."

Matthew Meigs 
Analyst Relations Manager 

"Over the past few years, Dresner Advisory has played a strong and increasing role in advising and assisting Alteryx by providing an objective and unvarnished view of the market, as well as useful feedback at key points in our business evolution.  Their deep bench of veteran analysts is very accessible, and I am happy that our team’s engagement with the Dresner Advisory team has grown over the past few years.  They are a truly appreciated analyst partner for Alteryx"

Gerry Van Zandt
Senior Director, Analyst Relations

"Over the past decade of closely collaborating with the Dresner team, I have consistently found them to be outstanding. Their deep industry expertise, customer-centric culture, and, most importantly, their commitment to understanding our unique requirements and desires truly underscore the importance they place on their clients and the relationships they cultivate. I'm also a big fan of their new generative AI bot, SARA, on their research portal. They're continually innovating to deliver the optimal user experience."

Nicole Diceman
Director Product Marketing
Vena Solutions

"I work in a role that spans product development, product marketing and sales.  We identified Dresner Advisory Services as the best match amongst all analyst firms because of their ability to impact all areas of our organization.  They have been great to work with in a collaborative manner on digital events that have produced some of our most viewed and highly rated assets.  In particular the quality and diversity of their research has been instrumental in providing third party validation to our Customers that our product strategy is the right fit for their current and future needs.  Dresner Advisory Services has been our key partner in navigating the fast pace of change in the data integration and analytics market.  Beyond being experts in the space and providing great value to Cloud Software Group, I find them to be amongst the most likeable, knowledgeable, responsive and flexible business professionals I have ever worked with."

Porter Thorndike
Principal Product Manager
ibi, a division of Cloud Software Group

"At Unit4 we really value the role Dresner Advisory’s reports play in our thought leadership and demand generation campaigns. Their thorough industry analysis provides us with reliable data that enhances our content and effectively engages our audience. Additionally, the practical advice they offer is incredibly beneficial for our Product Management, Go-to-Market and Marketing teams, helping us refine our product features and offerings to better meet customers’ needs. Working with Dresner Advisory is like partnering with a trusted ally who is committed to our success.  "

Oliver Sullivin
Growth Director
Unit4 FP&A and Financials

"Howard's Wisdom of Crowds products contain feedback from real life implementers, IT directors, and contractors that actually are working with BI products in the field. Howard has great insight and is a trusted source in the BI Industry. And who would you rather consult with when you are making a large investment in a BI solution than the 'Father of Business Intelligence.'"

Thomas N.
Director, Enterprise System Services, Materials Management
Major US Healthcare provider

"We rely on Dresner Advisory Services to provide us with timely and accurate information to guide our strategic direction with BI processes. Howard's ability to analyze complex data and translate it into bottom-line boosting information is what makes his research so valuable to us."

Mark L.
Manager, Strategy Analytics & Business Intelligence
Regional manufacturing company

"Our reasons for renewing with Dresner are purely pipeline driven. Our campaigns team has managed to successfully leverage Dresner Market Study reports to yield sufficient high quality pipeline to justify the cost."

Vice President, Industry Analyst Relations
Large software company

"Dresner Advisory Services' Wisdom of Crowds research is informative, relevant, and helps to define, refine, and validate your business intelligence strategies. They should be your starting point regardless if you are new to BI, re-evaluating your strategy, or wanting to stay current within this fast changing technology sector."

Jeff H.
Large retailer

"From decades of research and working with clients, Dresner brings a unique perspective on the analytics market in support of product strategy and customer requirements. Howard has assembled a team of experts that offer a wide viewpoint across the data and analytics spectrum, translating into an incredible asset for understanding the market and determining direction."

Head of Product Marketing for Data and Analytics
Hyperscale software company

"Dresner has been a very valuable resource to me and my team as we have created messaging, sales tools and worked on research to better understand the state of the BI market. Howard has managed to stay on top of the key trends impacting the BI market well a head of larger firms and his findings have continuously been incorporated into both our product roadmap and marketing content."

Chief Marketing Officer
Large storage vendor

"My team and I agree that the value in Dresner research is too great to remove anything from our subscription. We’re cutting in other areas"

VP, Corporate Marketing
Large EPM and Analytics Software Company