Our Team

Howard Dresner, Chief Research Officer
Howard Dresner
Chief Research Officer
Danielle Guinebertiere, Client Services Manager
Danielle Guinebertiere
Director Client Services
Jim Ericson, Research Director
Jim Ericson
Vice President & Research Director
Kathleen Goolsby, Senior Editor
Kathleen Goolsby
Senior Editor
Sarah Chung, Research Associate
Sarah Chung
Technical Director
Bill Hostman, Research Fellow
Bill Hostmann
Research Fellow
Chris von Simson, Research Director
Chris von Simson
Research Director
Elizabeth Espinoza, Research Associate
Elizabeth Espinoza
Research Director
Fred Isbell, Research Director
Fred Isbell
Research Director
Michelle Whitson, Team Coordinator
Michelle Whitson-Lorenzi
Client Services Manager
Brian Lett, Research Director
Brian Lett
Research Director
Brian Wood, Research Director
Brian Wood
Research Director
Josh Dresner, Creative Director
Josh Dresner
Creative Director



At Dresner Advisory Services, our key differentiators are: Experience, Objectivity, and Inclusion



The Dresner Advisory team has over 100 years of collective industry experience, including renowned industry analysts, veteran journalists and seasoned technologists.

All of this experience and judgment is applied in all phases of our market studies - delivering - what we believe is - a more complete and useful perspective on the market - and one that will save clients time, energy and money!



Unlike other organizations, we do not pre-fund market studies with sponsor money. In other words, we determine those areas that warrant in-depth research and then carry out the work of design, execution, analysis and documentation - without any guarantees of funding.

This means that our market studies are unbiased and uninfluenced by vested interests. However, once published, all are free to license them.



In addition to inviting members of our user community to participate in market studies, we actively leverage social media to engage with a broader set of participants.

The technique of "crowd sourcing" better ensures a more diverse and richer data sample. We also believe it serves as a better barometer for what's really going on in the market.

All of these traits make us unique in our ability to deliver fresh and alternative perspectives - that which cannot be offered by the establishment.