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Featured Dresner Research

Research Insight and Wisdom of Crowds® reports offer the most comprehensive and objective insights available for data, analytics, and performance management. Our process is global, encompassing thousands of organizations across all industries, functions, and organization sizes. background graphic

Research Insights

Published throughout each month, Research Insights are thought leadership articles, covering important topics and issues, with pointed advice and recommendations for readers.

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Data Leaders Must Find Allies to Increase the Urgency of Data Privacy Concerns

Privacy issues have largely been the domain of business, risk, and compliance leaders and not directly the concern of data leaders and their teams. However, this is changing as an evolved perspective on data and analytics governance, including recognition of privacy considerations, begins to take hold in the industry. With governance increasingly falling under the purview of data leaders, they now must begin to assess and address privacy-related concerns and risks in the enterprise.


Our survey data show a strong majority of organizations view privacy issues as important to both the organization and its customers; 85 percent rate it critical or very important. However, this makes clear a serious gap. With all the inherent risks of privacy issues—including potential legal, compliance, brand, reputation, and customer-retention ramifications—every organization should see privacy as critical to its success and well-being.

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Data and Analytics Investment Grows, But Data Leaders Must Raise the Bar for Business Value

As they increasingly value data-driven decisions and insights, the majority of organizations continue to increase investments in data and analytics. Business intelligence (BI) and data-related initiatives do more than drive direct value. Business leaders increasingly recognize these programs help deliver more value from many different types of strategic business investments. This dynamic presents a great opportunity for data leaders and their teams—as well as high pressure to deliver.


A number of external forces that business leaders must navigate amplify this pressure, including a rising cost of capital, which increases the internal rate of return (IRR) required for new projects and often squeezes BI budgets. As a result, the pace of investment in data and analytics initiatives during 2023 appears to decelerate slightly from 2022. Fewer organizations plan to increase data and analytics investments, and more expect levels to remain flat.

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Evolve From Data Governance to Business-Focused Governance

New analytics and analytical technologies such as machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) force organizations to extend beyond traditional data governance to encompass analytic content.


Organizations reporting high levels of success with business intelligence (BI) also reflect disproportionate maturity in common trust in data and governance. BI success directly contributes to higher levels of achievement in business or execution of mission. Master data and master data management (MDM) also strongly correlates to success with BI. The nature of governance, however, precludes its implementation as a defined template or discrete set of rules.


Organizations need to define and institutionalize their own evolved dimensions of the reason(s) why they do it, what it is, and how they do it. In practice, this requires that organizations understand the evolved structural and technological distinctions and overlaps among data security, data management, and governance. background graphic

Wisdom of Crowds® Market Reports

Wisdom of Crowds® Market Reports offer in-depth research and reporting on key industry and technology topics, including user trends, perceptions, intentions and other drivers. Each report includes a section with objective and inclusive vendor ratings.

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Workforce Planning and Analysis Market Study 2024

Workforce planning and analysis are the tools and processes that help align workforces with business goals, strategies, and workplace dynamics. It includes requirements, analysis, and forecasting for current and future needs and the development of plans to address imbalances to optimize human resources, reduce costs, and improve efficiency.


In this second edition of the Workforce Planning and Analysis Market Study report, we underscore the expanding role of performance management across various business functions beyond the traditional scope of finance. Facing an array of external challenges in the upcoming year, a more holistic approach to performance management is essential for organizations to respond adaptively, make informed decisions, and execute strategies with precision.

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Generative AI Report 2024

Generative artificial intelligence (also generative AI or Generative AI) is artificial intelligence capable of generating text, images, or other media, using generative models. Generative AI models learn the patterns and structure of their input training data and then generate new data that has similar characteristics.


We are pleased to share our inaugural Generative AI Market Study report, the newest in our Wisdom of Crowds series of research. This phenomenon captured the attention of the market—and world—with both positive and negative connotations. In this report, we share sentiments and plans from both the demand and supply sides of the market.


As organizations strive to make sense of the changing market conditions and work to determine how best to proceed and invest in their businesses, we hope that this report will provide useful guidance and direction.

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Analytical Data Infrastructure Market Study 2024

Analytical data infrastructure (ADI) defines a set of technology components for integrating, modeling, managing, storing, governing, and accessing data sets that serve as sources for analytic/business intelligence (BI) applications, tools, and users.


The 8th Edition Analytical Data Infrastructure Market Study, part of our Wisdom of Crowds® series of research, examines market preferences and priorities for ADI platforms including deployment and licensing priorities, data types, data model / management of data associated with ADI, data preparation and loading priorities, preferences in ADI development and deployment features, as well as ADI interfaces and analytical features.


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