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2021 Natural Language Analytics Market Study Report

Natural Language Analytics (NLA) is an emerging category that uses algorithmic and semantic technology to simplify BI problems—interpreting and converting human language into data manipulation language like SQL (NLQ) and creating associated user visualizations and analyses.

The inaugural NLA Market Study examines market requirements and priorities, providing an analysis of the current NLA perceptions, intentions, and adoption. Natural language analytics currently ranks 32nd among the 41 business intelligence-related technologies and initiatives under study. The study shows interest has grown modestly but consistently over the past 4 years, with 70 percent saying NLA is, at minimum “important” in 2021. Interest is greatest in larger organizations.

Included are 112 pages of in-depth market analysis, with over 80 charts and tables, and 15 vendor rankings examining the nature of NLA, exploring user sentiment and perceptions, the nature of current implementations, and plans for the future. It also includes cross-tab analysis, where relevant, to explore key differences using the collected demographics.

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