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Dresner Advisory Services Announces 2017 Industry Excellence Awards

NASHUA, NH--(Marketwired - Aug 3, 2017) - Dresner Advisory Services today announced the winners of its 2017 Industry Excellence Awards. The annual awards acknowledge vendors who have achieved a leadership position in the company's 2017 Wisdom of Crowds® Business Intelligence (BI) and/or Enterprise Planning Market Studies. The reports are based on data collected from end users and provide a real-world perspective on the BI and planning markets.

The Dresner Advisory Services Industry Excellence Awards go to vendors who achieved high rankings in the Customer Experience and Vendor Credibility market models included in the annual flagship BI and Enterprise Planning reports. The Customer Experience model considers the real-world experience of customers working with vendors' technology solutions on a daily basis, plotting touch points -- sales and service -- against customer sentiment surrounding product and technology. The Vendor Credibility Model considers a vendor's relationship with customers, plotting value for price paid against a "confidence" score comprised of integrity and recommend measures.

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