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Survey reveals the dynamics of analytics infrastructure decisions

The need to analyze transaction data is still the dominant use case influencing the selection of one analytics infrastructure platform over another, but a new report makes it clear that use cases involving data science and video are starting to play a bigger role. Based on a survey conducted by Dresner Advisory Services of 641 decision makers who are involved in selecting analytics applications, the 2021 Analytical Data Infrastructure Market Study found that more than 84% of respondents have analytic workloads and workflows based on transactional data sources, followed most often by Excel/CSV data (69%) and metadata (65%). The report identifies the criteria that organizations are using to determine which analytics infrastructure platform to employ based on use cases involving business user reporting and dashboards, business user discovery and exploration, data science, and embedded analytics. More than three quarters of respondents (78%) cited business user reporting and dashboards as the most frequent use case for analytics infrastructure, followed by business user discovery and exploration (65%). Data science and embedded analytics were identified as high priorities by 49% and 42% of respondents, respectively.