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Enterprises, Small Business, Lead Machine Learning Activity

Data science and machine learning are gaining more of a foothold in organizations of all sizes, but the largest of organizations have the advantage of more resources to invest. Who are the primary implementers of machine learning and data science today? A new market research report shows that large enterprises and smaller businesses are the first movers. That's because big companies have the money to invest and smaller ones are unencumbered by long chains of command. Mid-sized enterprises are having a harder time. Without the resources of the bigger players or the agility of the little players, they are slower to implement data science and machine learning. But if they take a smart approach to their efforts, they can get significant value out of where they do invest. One of the most important things about implementing such technologies is the approach you take. Successful implementations apply this tech to use cases where it can make a difference. If you just throw money, time, and technology at all your problems without identifying the most apt use cases, you are likely to fail. Taking that measured and considered approach to your application of data science and machine learning will make a huge difference, according to Howard Dresner, co-founder and chief research officer at Dresner Advisory Services and one of the authors of a new study that looks at a host of trends in data analytics, data science, and machine learning. He recently spoke with InformationWeek about his firm's sixth annual comprehensive report, Data Science and Machine Learning Market Study, 2019 Edition.