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Howard Dresner talks business intelligence trends

Recently, there's been a wave of consolidation with Salesforce acquiring Tableau, Google purchasing Looker, and Qlik buying up both Podium and Attunity. But consolidation is nothing new, according to Dresner, who noted that some companies start with the specific purpose of finding an eventual buyer and that a new cycle of mergers and acquisitions comes every few of years. A veteran of three decades analyzing the analytics industry, Dresner spent 13 years at Gartner where he served as the advisory firm's lead analyst for business intelligence, a time during which he helped popularize the term. He then moved on to Hyperion Solutions as chief strategy officer in 2005, but when the company was acquired by Oracle he left to form his own advisory company. In this Q&A, Dresner discusses consolidation and other current business intelligence trends, and what still thrills him about BI after all these years.