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Advanced Analytics Creates Opportunity for MSPs to Transform IT Operations

A new report published this week by Dresner Advisory Services sheds some light on how IT organizations want to apply advanced analytics to optimize IT operations. The 2018 IT Analytics Market Study finds that the top four management metrics in terms of importance are software license and utilization analysis, vendor license compliance reporting, alignment of headcount, cloud license optimization, and optimizing time spent on tasks versus project tasks. Within the context of operations, however, the report finds that service experience and service level agreement (SLA) performance along with incident root cause analysis are the top two requirements for IT organizations. Today varied approaches are being used to analyze IT operations. The report finds that 38 percent of the IT leaders surveyed rely on a third-party applications versus 14 percent that have developed their own applications. Another 22 percent collect data manually using spreadsheets, while 20 percent say they don’t measure anything at all. Implementing IT operation analytics requires significant expertise. The report notes that 93 percent of respondents viewed IT analytics as being “critical”, “very important”, or “important.” But only a little over half of the survey respondents (52 percent) are relying on a third-party applications or have built their own applications. That suggests that there’s a major gap that could be filled by managed service providers (MSPs).