2020 Real Business Intelligence Conference

Aug. 11, 2020 8:00AM EDT Virtual Event
Strategic, two-day data and analytics learning event, guided by luminary thought-leaders. Accelerate success with data and analytics through new and unique approaches, methods and techniques. Develop more balanced / realistic view of the market, dispelling hype and misinformation. Create realistic, future-focused, data/analytics strategies. Tools to assess, evolve, transform your strategy.
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The Rise of Embedded Self-Service Analytics

Jul. 29, 2020 4:00PM EDT Virtual event
More than ever before, software teams want to provide end users with enhanced capabilities to do their own reporting and analytics. When you embed self-service analytics, end users are empowered to get the information they need, when they need it. Rather than exporting data or jumping into another application, users can help themselves to what they need in your software.Join Chris von Simson, Research Director at Dresner Advisory Services, as he discusses why user enablement has emerged as the theme in today’s embedded analytics market. Learn which capabilities and features software teams are prioritizing in their embedded BI tool evaluations

Keynote: Use EPM to Help Navigate Through the COVID-19 Crisis

Jun. 17, 2020 10:15AM EDT Virtual event
Turbulent environments make it increasingly evident that organizations need to be able to plan, adapt, and react with speed. The importance of busting data silos to gain a holistic view of performance, connecting financial and operational planning activities for cross-functional transparency, and enabling the accurate simulation and testing of scenarios has never been greater. Join our complimentary virtual conference featuring expert sessions, real life case studies, and interactive workshops to learn how to accelerate digital transformation by connecting planning, analysis, simulation, and forecasting business-wide.

The Evolution of BI: Fast Track Your Move to Self-Service and Cloud to Deliver the Leverage Your Business Needs

Jun. 10, 2020 1:00PM EDT Virtual event
We’re seeing a generational shift in analytics. According to the latest research, self-service business intelligence and cloud platforms are driving significant advantages during a time of market volatility, where stakes are high and every decision counts. Speed is currency in today’s fast-moving world. Learn how to find your winning formula. Hear from Howard Dresner, President, Founder and Chief Research Officer at Dresner Advisory Services and Ben Schein Domo’s VP of Data Curiosity, as they help you diagnose your data strategy, technology, processes, and talent to get more leverage. You’ll get expert guidance on how to adapt as they demonstrate why cloud-first BI is exploding, how to improve your self-service offering, what to look for to advance your solution, and how to build your competitive advantage.

Let Analytics Guide Your Approach to Planning

May. 14, 2020 2:00PM EDT Virtual event
As the world becomes more adept at turning data into insights, massive opportunities are emerging for organizations and individual teams. Cultures are changing; decision-makers are starting to put greater trust in their analytics rather than being forced to rely on past practice and gut feel. What separates good use of analytics from the great is how leaders, and their teams, capture and operationalize that data. Join this webinar, with special guest Howard Dresner, Founder & Chief Research Officer, Dresner Advisory Services, as we discuss how organizations leverage analytics and BI, and the success they are having in operational efficiencies.

Balancing Governance and Self-Service when Employees Access Analytics Remotely

May. 05, 2020 11:00AM EDT Virtual event
COVID-19 has brought significant changes to the way we work. While the crisis is proving the immeasurable value of data and analytics in the decision-making process, the work-from-home model has put incredible pressure on organizations' collective BI and analytics competencies. For many, it has exposed flaws in organizations’ data and analytics stacks, stressing their ability to collaborate, perform both traditional and advanced analytics, adapt their analytics infrastructure to rapid changes, and predict what will happen next. While resilience requires the continuous use of data analytics, many organizations find their analytics and BI infrastructure is unsuited for the job. In this time of upheaval, businesses require a stable analytics foundation that can balance the needs of individuals with the needs of the organization. Your employees not only require ready access to analytics and data, but they also need analytics environments that emphasize collaboration, performance, ROI, and data accuracy. Join us Tuesday, May 5, for our Analytics Wherever You Are webinar with Dresner Advisory Service's Chief Analyst Howard Dresner, and Pyramid Analytics Principal Technologist Ian Macdonald. In this 50-minute session, Howard will explore preliminary Wisdom of Crowds® survey results regarding organizations' response to COVID-19. Ian will examine how to optimize your analytics and BI environment to handle adversity, no matter what type of work environment is in place.

The Changing Face of EPM

Apr. 29, 2020 1:45PM EDT Virtual Event
oin us for this webinar co-hosted by Jedox and Dresner Advisory Services. Two industry experts will share their insights on changes happening in EPM and how to better understand current trends so your organization can adapt accordingly. You'll get: A current analysis of the EPM market, including new data on the impact of COVID-19 An overview from Dresner of recent EPM market study and Research Insights A comparison of 2019 vs. 2020 research data How to create a tactical plan for your organization How FP&A keeps organizations S.A.F.E. during an economic crisis Strategic assumptions and tactical decisions Analytics Quick and useful matrices for decision makers Financial policy to track cashflow impact, short and mid-term budget and (re)forecast Earning and capacity planning today & the day after On The Agenda Research Overview from Howard Dresner How FP&A keeps organizations S.A.F.E. during an economic crisis by Dr. Liran Edelist Q&A

e Value of Embedded Analytics and its Possibilities

Apr. 23, 2020 8:00AM EDT Virtual event
In a very dense market of BI tools and technologies, it’s embedded analytics that is gaining increased popularity. As the name suggests, embedded analytics is the integration of dashboards, reports, and self-service analysis within business applications.Join Howard Dresner, founder and chief research officer of Dresner Advisory Services, as he shares research and key findings from surveys of over 5,000 organizations. How important is Embedded BI in the overall market? Which technologies are taking modern applications to the next level?

Self-Service Business Intelligence For Everyone

Feb. 19, 2020 10:00AM EDT Virtual event
Companies today create and store massive amounts of data but still struggle to get the right info to the people who need it. Today, creating user-friendly data experiences are as critical to success as the info you collect. Organizations need a solution to simplify the data workflow and to deliver actionable insights to their employees. Join Howard Dresner, Chief Research Officer at Dresner Advisory Services, as he discussed overarching market trends for self-service business intelligence. Daniel Mintz, Chief Data Evangelist at Looker, revealed how the Looker’s platform delivers self-service data experiences, bringing metrics to people where and when they need them.

The Ever-Evolving Analytics Marketplace

Dec. 03, 2019 10:00AM EDT Virtual event
The BI and Analytics marketplace has been a hot bed of transition and change over the last 12-18 months. Acquisitions and ever-evolving technological introductions continue to alter the landscape. Join us for this webinar, featuring well-known industry analyst Howard Dresner, for a look at the ever-changing BI and Analytics market and get an overview of SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.3 capabilities.

Successful BI with a Data Catalog

Oct. 24, 2019 5:41PM EDT Virtual event
Data catalogs have emerged as a key enabler for BI, addressing half of the difficulty posed to successful BI: finding, accessing and using analytics content. See analytics industry veteran Bill Hostmann as he shares learnings from Dresner Advisory Services’ third annual Data Catalog Market Study, including: Recommendations for investing in BI The correlation between governance and successful BI The top considerations for investing in a data catalog An overview of data catalog features and capabilities of top priority to end-users

Sales Planning and Analytics: how digital transformation is boosting the bottom line

Oct. 16, 2019 5:44PM EDT Virtual event
CRM systems are the backbone of sales and marketing activities. They hold a wealth of data which, combined with insights from other tools such as marketing automation solutions, has the potential to inform future activities. However, many sales and marketing leaders are unable to make effective decisions due to a lack of reporting capabilities within their CRM solution. They struggle with difficult and cumbersome alignment between the teams, making it challenging to bring disparate data sources together without a standardized planning methodology. Watch this webinar to learn more about the importance and success of Sales Planning in the digital world. Hear from Chris von Simson of Dresner Advisory on the value of Sales Planning and its core capabilities, and learn how the Board Decision-Making platform can enable modern organizations to: Plan Sales Compensation and manage Sales Territories with ease Compare Sales figures and Marketing results instantly with other data sources from across the business Leverage historical performance figures to plan and estimate the future outlook of the business Manage budget and forecast submission, review, approval and versioning, as well as commentary, through an automated workflow

EPM 101: Let’s Level Set on What EPM Is and Why It Matters to You

Aug. 13, 2019 1:00PM EDT Virtual event
The concept of EPM and the management cycle has been around for many years. But it’s not until recently that EPM has become a finance buzzword that’s written everywhere and mentioned in every presentation. Everyone is talking about it but do they actually know what it is? More importantly: why should you care? Get all of your EPM questions answered in a live discussion with Chris Howard, Product Marketing Manager at Host Analytics, and Chris von Simson, Research Director at Dresner Advisory Services, on Tuesday, August 13 at 10 am PT | 1 pm ET to learn how companies are using EPM to overcome a variety of challenges. Attendees will learn: • How companies are using EPM to overcome business challenges • What EPM is and why it’s here to stay • How EPM is changing the way finance professionals budget, plan, and report • How finance professionals are utilizing EPM to cut their budgeting process by 50% Register now to reserve your spot.

Webinar: How to Create a Culture of Analytics

Jul. 30, 2019 11:00AM EDT Virtual event
The great analytics race has begun. What separates the leaders from the rest is a measured analytics and data strategy that features right-sized business intelligence (BI) technologies. However, not all strategic analytics initiatives are effective, not for lack of trying, but because collaboration and data literacy are not properly prioritized. Traditional IT-led BI strategies—while governed—restrain business users from quick insights. Desktop-based self-service implementations provide much-needed agility, but sacrifice data integrity and accuracy. A winning approach incorporates the best of both modalities to foster analytics collaboration across the enterprise. Join us Tuesday, July 30 (8:00 a.m. PDT / 11:00 a.m. EDT / 4:00 p.m. BST), for our webinar, “Creating a Culture of Analytics with Collaborative Business Intelligence.” In this session, Howard Dresner, Chief Research Officer at Dresner Advisory Services, and Ian Macdonald, Principal Technologist at Pyramid Analytics, discuss the latest research about collaborative BI, and show how organizations are using it to gain a competitive edge.

The State Of Data Preparation In 2019

Jun. 25, 2019 12:00PM EDT Virtual event
Over the past few years, data preparation has emerged as a stand-alone category within data management and analytics. A technology category that originated out of joint research across UC Berkeley and Stanford, it is now recognized as a critical technology by end users, organizations and industry analysts alike. Data preparation has evolved tremendously since the category first emerged in 2015. So what’s new? How far have we come? Where are we headed in the future? Join this latest Data Science Central webinar with Dresner Advisory Service’s Chief Research Officer, Howard Dresner, for an overview of the data preparation market. In the session, Howard reviews findings from his 2019 “Wisdom of the Crowds Market Study” on data preparation, compiled from end user responses.

Back to the Future: Back to Basics?

Jun. 04, 2019 5:00PM EDT Information Builders Summit / Orlando, FL
After several pendulum swings, including a sweep through free-form self-service analytics and big data, the industry is seeing a return to more governed data and analytics environments. None of these technologies are going away, but research from Dresner Advisory Services indicates that we need to reevaluate what is hype and what is reality, based on what your peers are accomplishing. In addition, core questions of data literacy, challenges facing enterprises, and the amount of time data is used in decision-making have increased in importance again. Join Howard Dresner for an in-depth and interactive examination of his Wisdom of Crowds research.

2019 Real Business Intelligence Conference

May. 14, 2019 8:00AM EDT MIT Tang Center, 70 Memorial Drive, Cambridge, MA
Dresner Advisory Services is proud to host the third annual Real Business Intelligence® Conference, the only industry event for business and IT leaders focusing upon strategies for success with Business Intelligence, Analytics, Information Management and Performance Management - using real world best practices and proven methods.

Important BI trends to watch going into 2019

Dec. 12, 2018 11:00AM EDT Virtual event
Listen to industry expert Howard Dresner, founder of Dresner Advisory and Sisense VP Go-to-Market PeggySue Werthessen discuss the critical analytics trends for 2019. From adopting cloud solutions, deploying AI to compliance with evolving privacy regulations understand how these trends and others are disrupting the data and analytics landscape.

3 Trends for Modernizing Analytics and Data Warehousing in 2019

Dec. 05, 2018 12:30PM EDT Virtual Event
Brand new research published from Dresner Advisory Services digs deeply into the trends in 2018 around big data analytics. Where are organizations heading in 2019? How are analytic and data warehouse architectures evolving to enable faster and deeper self-service analytics and BI for organizations looking to create a competitive edge? How is public, private and hybrid clouds factoring into deployment decisions? What are the hottest open source projects from Apache Spark to Kudu, Kafka, Hadoop, and beyond? Join industry leaders from Dresner Advisory Services, Arcadia Data, and Cloudera as they preview findings from the upcoming 2018 Big Data Analytics research report of over 750 survey respondents in the data and analytics industry.

Redefining Business Intelligence and Planning: A Webinar with Howard Dresner and H&M

Nov. 15, 2018 11:00AM EDT Virtual event
Join representatives from H&M, Dresner Advisory Services and BOARD for our upcoming webinar, “Redefining Business Intelligence and Planning,” on November 15th at 11 AM ET. During this 60-minute webinar, Howard Dresner, Founder & Chief Research Officer, Dresner Advisory Services and Eric Bennici, Head of Workforce Management – Group Controlling, H&M, will explore how to achieve a dramatic improvement in decision-making processes by exploiting all the potential offered by BI and Planning technology to seamlessly link insight with action.

Why IT Needs "Real BI"

Oct. 30, 2018 1:00PM EDT Virtual event
“Business analytics has become imperative for IT organizations as they seek to improve business alignment, adopt agile principles, and accelerate innovation,” according to Howard Dresner, the father of modern BI and founder and chief research officer at Dresner Advisory services. “Deeper analysis of IT people, process, and project data is central to driving change and achieving these goals, and we’re seeing IT leaders rapidly increase adoption of the analytics practices that have been common to the rest of the business for years.”

The Latest Trends in Data Cataloging for BI

Jul. 18, 2018 1:00PM EDT Virtual event
New report highlights data cataloging's importance for helping organizations find data for successful BI Join analytics industry veteran Bill Hostmann as he shares the latest trends in data cataloging from Dresner Advisory Services’ second annual Data Catalog Market Study. In this webinar, Bill will discuss: The correlation between difficulty finding data and the success of BI The importance of governance which 90 percent of respondents state is either "critical," "very important," or "important" The latest rankings of data catalog vendors And, Alation’s Stephanie McReynolds will discuss how Alation, the top-ranked solution in the study for the second year in a row, can support agile stewardship and larger data governance initiatives. Register for the webinar to learn how your organization can leverage a data catalog to succeed in business intelligence.

The State of Business Intelligence in 2018

Jun. 27, 2018 9:25AM EDT Real Business Intelligence 2018 Conference, MIT Tang Center, Cambridge, MA
What’s the state of business intelligence and where is it heading? In this session, Howard will take a look at models which explain the enablers and obstacles of strategic business intelligence, what constitutes best practice and what the future may hold. Key analyses address targets and drivers of BI, budgeting plans, organizational issues and technologies.

Advancements in Collaboration, Control and Better Data Intelligence

May. 30, 2018 11:00AM EDT Virtual Event
Weve reached a stage where even the smaller and immature organizations amongst us are benefitting tremendously from the agility and productivity afforded by self-service analytics and data preparation solutions. However, the sting of the negative impact these tools can have on data governance has brought us to a tipping point. Lack of control, distrust of non-curated data and duplication of efforts have left BI and IT teams searching for a new approach. The 2018 Dresner Advisory Services Collective Insights Market Study thoroughly assesses the burgeoning demands for better collaboration and governance throughout the BI content creation process. Governance of content creation is moving to the fore of the collaboration discussion. Seventy-seven percent of respondents describe governing BI content creation as critical or very important. Importance is very high across functions, organization sizes, industries, and geographies. Howard Dresner, founder and chief research officer at Dresner Advisory Services, and Rami Chahine VP of Products for Datawatch discuss the latest trends and new approaches that will continue to empower the business analysts while simultaneously providing better control, visibility and data access that will restore trust in the analytics processes.

The State of Data Preparation in 2018

Apr. 05, 2018 12:00PM EDT Virtual event
Over the past few years, data preparation has emerged as a stand-alone category within data management and analytics. A technology category that originated out of joint research across UC Berkeley and Stanford, it is now recognized as a critical technology by end users, organizations and industry analysts alike. Data preparation has evolved tremendously since the category first emerged in 2015. So whats new? How far have we come? Where are we headed in the future? Listen to the on-demand version of our live webinar with Dresner Advisory Services Chief Research Officer, Howard Dresner, for an overview of the data preparation market. In the session, Howard reviews findings from his 2018 Wisdom of the Crowds Market Study on data preparation, compiled from end user responses.


Jan. 30, 2018 11:00AM EDT Virtual event
It’s A New Year! 2018 is here and is sure to hold some profound, exciting changes in business intelligence. From the rise in the use of AI algorithms to the essential need to interact with data in a more natural way, the next 365 days will change the way we think about data. Hear from Howard Dresner, President, Founder and Chief Research Officer at Dresner Advisory Services, Amit Shivpuja, Head of Business Intelligence at HTC VIVE, and Ani Manian, Head of Product Strategy at Sisense, as they share their unique perspectives on the developments and trends leading the BI revolution in 2018.

Analytics in 2018: Are you ready?

Nov. 02, 2017 1:00PM EDT Virtual event
Organizations large and small continue to struggle with making sense of all the data available to them. A few challenges facing companies today include a shortage of skilled analytic resources, the arrival of the IoT, and a proliferation of analytic technologies, tools, and coding languages. As your organization embarks on its resolution to make more data-driven decisions in 2018, what questions should you be asking? Please join industry luminaries Howard Dresner, Shawn Rogers, and David Sweenor to review key insights from Dresner Advisory Services flagship research along with a forward-looking discussion on key trends in analytics for 2018. Topics include: What are organizations investing in? IoT, machine learning, text? What roles do the chief data officer and chief analytics officer play? How are organizations dealing with the analytics skill shortage?


Oct. 17, 2017 1:00PM EDT Virtual event
The BI and analytics market category has grown into a behemoth. Not only are we witnessing sub-categories of BI emerging and growing in size, we’re also beginning to see serious benefits from combining the capabilities, deployment methodologies, and implementation techniques across these subsets. Join us to hear from industry veteran and BI expert, Howard Dresner — president, founder, and chief research officer of Dresner Advisory Services, LLC — to learn about the latest trends in embedded BI and cloud BI and how the two are interconnected. As a bonus, hear first-hand from, Independent Data Services, a SaaS provider embedding BI from TIBCO Jaspersoft® into their cloud application.

Selecting a Data Catalog: What to Look for In a Solution

Aug. 24, 2017 2:00PM EDT Virtual event
Join analytics industry veteran Howard Dresner of Dresner Advisory Services as he shares a perspective on the critical features delivered through data cataloging solutions backed by insights from the first survey-based, end user study of the data catalog market. He’ll share: Why 77% of organizations find that locating relevant content for analysis is difficult Which business functions benefit the most from a data catalog What features to prioritize when selecting a catalog Plus, Alation's Head of Product Aaron Kalb will give a live demo of some of the key features of a data catalog, as delivered by the Alation Data Catalog, named a leading solution in the study.

What BI Buyers Need to Know - Insights from the 2017 Dresner Market Study

Aug. 16, 2017 10:00AM EDT Virtual event
Every year, Dresner Advisory Services releases the Wisdom of Crowds Business Intelligence Market Study to help analytics buyers and application teams understand how they should invest and leverage business intelligence technologies. Join Howard Dresner in this webinar to explore the findings of his latest report, which assessed 26 BI vendors. He'll dive deep into the changing analytics landscape and touch on which vendors are leading the market, including Logi Analytics who received a "Perfect Recommend" score for strengths in product customization and customer experience.

2017 Real Business Intelligence Conference

Jul. 11, 2017 9:00AM EDT MIT Tang Center - Cambridge, Massachusetts
The Real Business Intelligence® conference is a unique event designed for business and IT leaders and will focus upon strategies for success with business intelligence, analytics and information management. Designed as an interactive executive forum, we’ll be focusing upon those topics which enable attendees to help their respective organizations become more performance-directed and information-driven. For example, topics will include: how to organize for success, establishing a governance program, data story telling, the digital enterprise and more.

Dimensional Insight Customer Conference (DIUC17)

Jun. 07, 2017 9:00AM EDT Hyatt Harborside Hotel, Boston, MA
DIUC17 is the conference for business intelligence professionals who utilize the Diver Platform and applications built on Diver. These software users analyze their businesses and improve decision making using Dimensional Insight software. These Divers either use the software directly, administer the software to others, or manage users of Diver and the applications built on the Diver Platform.

Information Builders Summit

Jun. 06, 2017 1:30PM EDT Gaylord Texan Hotel, Grapevine, TX
Information Builders is dedicated to bringing you an educational experience that covers the complete spectrum between Data and Analytics. At Summit 2017, you'll have access to 140 sessions, including more than 50 customers and partners sharing their successes with detailed case studies; executives and experts discussing innovations, best practices, and techniques; high-profile analysts who've come to offer their perspective and knowledge on industry trends; and much more.

Collaboration is the secret to modern business intelligence

Mar. 14, 2017 11:00AM EDT Virtual event
Howard Dresner, noted business intelligence analyst, and Peter Sprague, VP of Product Management, discuss Howard’s latest research around collaborative BI, what collaborative BI really means, and how organizations are using collaborative business intelligence to increase adoption, reduce content

Top 9 Business Intelligence Trends for 2017

Jan. 24, 2017 1:00PM EDT Virtual event
The data landscape is constantly evolving, and the proliferation of smart devices, machine learning, and embedded analytics promises to introduce many exciting new breakthroughs in business intelligence in 2017. Join our panel of thought leaders to discuss their predictions for BI in 2017. This webinar will cover: Atomization and deconstruction of the dashboard towards interacting with data everywhere via bots and smart devices AI and machine learning becoming a driving force in analytics technology Embedded Analytics enabling pervasive insight, context, and natural interaction with operational applications Cloud analytics leveling the playing field for smaller organizations, and providing faster time to action Managed BI: bridging the gap between IT and top management, outsourcing BI to complement IT capabilities BI as a competitive advantage, a key differentiator, and a driving factor for strategic decisions

Analytics in 2017: Trends and Insights

Jan. 19, 2017 11:00AM EDT Virtual event
Organizations large and small continue to struggle with making sense of all the data available to them. A few challenges facing companies today include a shortage of skilled analytic resources, the arrival of the IoT, and a proliferation of analytic technologies, tools, and coding languages. As your organization embarks on its resolution to make more data driven decisions in 2017, what questions should you be focused on to capitalize on analytics? Please join industry luminaries Howard Dresner and Shawn Rogers to review key insights from Dresner Advisory’s Flagship Research along with a forward-looking discussion on key trends in analytics for 2017. Topics include: What are organizations investing in? IoT, Machine Learning, Text? What roles do the Chief Data Officer and Chief Analytic Officer play? How are organizations dealing with the analytics skill shortage?

Wisdom of Crowds

Nov. 16, 2016 2:00PM EDT Virtual event
Consumers trust the Wisdom of Crowds® Business Intelligence Market Study to help them understand how their peers invest in and leverage business intelligence technologies. In this webinar we go straight to the source of that report — noted analyst Howard Dresner. Dresner will dig into the 33 customer-reported metrics that makeup the report and how Looker was able to gain a “best-in-class” rating in 14 of those categories and an “overall leader” status in the Customer Experience and Vendor Credibility quadrants. Join Looker and Howard Dresner as we discuss: Consumers’ top BI priorities How end users view their investment in various BI tools How a company’s customer success practices influence perceived value What customers had to say about Looker

Small and Mid-Sized Enterprise BI with Dresner Advisory Services

Nov. 15, 2016 1:00PM EDT Virtual event
Join us for a collaborative webinar with Howard Dresner from Dresner Advisory services. We will focus on how business intelligence is being used in small and mid-sized organizations. Register to learn about the top trends for small and medium-sized enterprises in the business intelligence market, such as: The most important objectives for deploying BI Top BI investment priorities Departments that are driving BI adoption At the end of the event, a copy of the Small and Mid-Sized Enterprise Business Intelligence Market Study will be given to registrants.

Location Intelligence with Dresner Advisory Services

Nov. 03, 2016 1:00PM EDT Virtual event
From executives through management, location intelligence ranks as important information to help users create, consume, and personalize data visualizations. Join us for a live webinar, “Location Intelligence with Dresner Advisory Services,” Thursday, November 3, 2016. Howard Dresner will discuss findings from the 2016 Location Intelligence Market Study that explores how location intel can help users create, consume, and personalize data visualizations. Register today to see how an integrated location intelligence solution can provide the interactive experience to deliver company-wide insights.

Unify your Corporate Strategy & Objectives with Integrated Planning

Oct. 26, 2016 2:00PM EDT Virtual event
Whether your enterprise plan is top-down or bottom-up, building strong links between strategic and operational plans is hard. additionally, as economic shifts occur more frequently, flexible business planning becomes essential. Why not make it easy? Instead of everyone working in silos, integrated planning draws together all of the functional departments into an enterprise-wide approach. Integrated planning makes it easy for the CEO to drive strategy to all parts of the organization. Join Howard Dresner and Jedox to learn more about how to make your planning cycles as effective as possible! - Learn how to unify actuals and budget to strengthen analytics - How real-time modeling empowers you to create driver-based models and instantly run what-if scenarios with sophisticated trend analysis - Why automatic data integration is key for a quick process and increases accuracy - Find out about the benefits of Integrated Planning by improving compliance and controls around the planning process - See real examples from companies like FIAT and SANOFI that have mastered Integrated Planning!

Trends in Cloud Analytics for the Age of the Customer

Oct. 06, 2016 9:30AM EDT Dreamforce
Join Howard Dresner as he shares the latest trends in Cloud Analytics and how companies of all types are challenging traditional ways of developing their go-to market strategy, and augmenting processes with better analytics.

Webinar: 2016 Wisdom of Crowds® Business Intelligence Market Study

Sep. 29, 2016 1:00PM EDT Virtual event
This year we celebrate the 9th anniversary of Dresner Advisory Services! Since 2007, Dresner has set the “bar” high—striving for innovation and offering ever greater value with each successive year and in the recent 2016 The Wisdom of Crowds® Business Intelligence Market Study, we can now say that the wealth of information and analysis exceeds such expectations offering even more than value to both consumers and producers of BI technology and services. Attend this webinar and discover how to: Enable comparisons of current vendor performance to industry norms & selection of new vendors Gain key insights into BI software supplier performance Understand how your peers leverage and invest in BI and related technologies

Webcast: What’s in the Dresner Business Intelligence Market Study? – Analysis revealed!

Jul. 21, 2016 1:00PM EDT Virtual event
Join Howard Dresner, thought leader in the Business Intelligence community and founder of Dresner Advisory Services, as he discusses key findings from his "2016 Business Intelligence Market Study." In this webcast, Howard will describe market forces currently impacting the BI and performance management landscape and will also discuss Dell Statistica's role within that market. John Thompson, Dell Statistica General Manager, will join Howard to talk about how Dell Statistica’s business model and solution offering earned top ranking in both “customer experience” and “vendor credibility” models in its first year to be included in the report. Dell Statistica scored best-in-class for technical support product knowledge and consulting product knowledge.

Live Webinar: Dresner’s Wisdom of Crowds on the Importance of End User Data Preparation

Jun. 28, 2016 11:00AM EDT Virtual event
Self-service data preparation is an invaluable tool when you need to get at critical information as quickly as possible. By enabling easier access to time-sensitive and previously inaccessible data in unstructured formats like PDFs, web pages, log files and more, less time can be spent on data gathering, allowing more time to be focused on the analysis needed to support business-critical decisions. Dresner Advisory Services recently completed their 2nd Wisdom of Crowds report on End User Data Preparation. All survey respondents said end user data preparation was important if not critical to have and industry vendors believe this demand will continue to grow.

Information Builders Summit

Jun. 14, 2016 8:00PM EDT Grand Sierra in Reno, Nevada
Howard Dresner is one of the foremost thought-leaders in business intelligence, having coined the term "business intelligence" in 1989. As founder and chief research officer at Dresner Advisory Services, he and his team engage with a global community to redefine how research is created and shared. Howard has published two books on the subject, "The Performance Management Revolution - Business Results through Insight" and "Action and Profiles in Performance - Business Intelligence Journeys and the Roadmap for Change." Prior to Dresner Advisory Services, Howard served as chief strategy officer at Hyperion Solutions and was a research fellow at Gartner, where he led its business intelligence research practice for 13 years.

Predictive Analytics: Extracting Big Value from Big Data

May. 24, 2016 11:00AM EDT Virtual event
Speakers: Howard Dresner, Chief Research Officer, Dresner Advisory Services Lars Bauerle, Chief Product Officer, RapidMiner As organizations adopt big data technologies, there continues to be a growing interest in advanced & predictive analytics to extract big value including: revenue growth, lower costs, and compliance & governance. Real value comes not only from finding the best model, but in actually implementing that model and turning predictive insights into actions. Join us as we explore the Predictive Analytics lifecycle from data prep, to building & validating models, and embedding analytic results in business processes. In this webinar you’ll learn: Key trends shaping the predictive analytics market Must-have product features when adopting a big data predictive analytics solution How data science teams can move more quickly than ever across the predictive analytics lifecycle Importance of a predictive analytics platform that speaks native Hadoop (hint: it’s so data scientists can concentrate on data science) Product demonstration showcasing the speed more efficient approach to data science

The State of Data Preparation: Uncovering 2016’s Biggest Insights

Apr. 21, 2016 1:00PM EDT Virtual event
Data preparation is a new market, but it’s growing—fast. As more and more organizations rely on big data to drive value, effective data preparation is critical to improving data intelligence and increasing efficiency. But how are organizations currently approaching data preparation, and what roadblocks stand in their way to success? In this webinar, we explore the key trends shaping the data preparation market, what’s at stake for organizations to gain, and several must-have product features when adopting a new data preparation solution. Acclaimed analyst Howard Dresner of Dresner Advisory Services (Howard coined the term “Business Intelligence”) will join Trifacta to review insights from his latest research on the end user data preparation market. Specifically, we’ll cover: The importance of end user data preparation Current user scenarios including frequency, effectiveness, third-party data Prioritized end user data preparation features

Dresner Embedded BI Market Study Webcast

Nov. 17, 2015 12:00PM EDT Virtual event
Howard Dresner
Report author and worldwide authority on business intelligence, Howard Dresner, will share the latest market trends and provide true insight in to what is happening in the BI arena today.

Wisdom of Crowds: What you need to know about the evolving performance management landscape

Oct. 17, 2015 2:00PM EDT Virtual Event
Howard Dresner , Alok Ajmera
Join us as author and Chief Research Officer Howard Dresner discusses his analysis and findings in the “Wisdom of Crowds®” series study on Enterprise planning. Learn why the study concluded that Prophix “has a perfect recommend score,” amongst other vendors. Howard and Prophix COO, Alok Ajmera, will discuss some of the key findings from the study and real world challenges growing businesses need to consider for planning and related solutions.

Collaborative Business Intelligence–What it is and why it’s critical for success

Sep. 22, 2015 11:00AM EDT Virtual Event
Howard Dresner
Notable BI industry expert Howard Dresner identifies collaboration and adoption as critical factors that differentiate successful BI initiatives from all the rest. What is collaborative business intelligence and why is it so critical for success? Join Howard Dresner, Chief Research Officer of Dresner Advisory Services and Peter Sprague, VP Solutions Engineering at Pyramid Analytics for a discussion about collaborative BI and why higher adoption and collaboration is correlated to BI success and higher return on investment.

Collaborative Business Intelligence Webinar

Sep. 17, 2015 11:21PM EDT Virtual Event
Hear from Howard Dresner, Chief Research Officer at Dresner Advisory Services, and Dundas Solution Architects on the importance of collaborative BI. Learn about core BI collaboration requirements, data story telling and about the collaboration tools included in Dundas BI.

Emerging Trends ― Predictive Analytics in Regulated Manufacturing

Aug. 19, 2015 1:00PM EDT Virtual event
More than 70 percent of organizations have already deployed, or are about to deploy, predictive analytics. And many are achieving unprecedented success. So how can you take advantage of the latest trends and techniques? With a crash course led by none other than the man who coined the term “business intelligence” himself, Howard Dresner. Howard and renowned analytics expert Dr. Tom Hall will share what they’ve seen from the frontlines. They’ll show you what’s working for other companies, and how you can employ those same techniques to gain a competitive edge. By the end of this session, you’ll know how to improve decision making, optimize processes, ensure governance and much more.

Wisdom of Crowds: What You Need To Know About The Evolving BI Landscape, featuring Howard Dresner

Jun. 09, 2015 1:00PM EDT Virtual event
Lack of trust is one of the greatest barriers to success in business intelligence programs”, writes Howard Dresner, the “godfather” of BI and founder and chief research officer at Dresner Advisory services. As user-led decentralized teams increasingly conduct their own data analysis outside the BI Competency Center, the need to bridge the gap between end-user self-service and enterprise data governance has become critical. The Wisdom of Crowds Business Intelligence Market Study, published by Dresner Advisory Services, is a comprehensive source of objective industry research that enables companies to compare different BI providers and understand how successful organizations leverage BI and analytics technologies. Join Howard Dresner and Birst for an in-depth review of the findings of the 2015 Wisdom of Crowds report and learn where your peers are investing today to ensure BI success

What Direction Is the BI Market Heading?

Jun. 01, 2015 4:00PM EDT Information Builders Summit - Orlando, FL
In this session, veteran industry analyst Howard Dresner shares the latest findings from his annual “Wisdom of Crowds Business Intelligence Market Study.” He’ll answer questions such as: Who’s driving business intelligence (BI) within the organization? Who are the targeted users and how are they changing? Which organizations are most successful with BI and why? What do organizations hope to achieve with BI and how is that changing over time? Which technologies and initiatives are most important, which are climbing, and which are falling? What is the current state of data and how has this changed since last year? How are people sharing BI-derived insights within their organizations and has this improved since 2014? How has user adoption of BI changed in recent years and why?

Analytics and the Wearable Revolution - Innovation That Never Stops

May. 13, 2015 1:00PM EDT Virtual event
Today, watches and wearables continue to change our lives with the introduction of the Apple Watch and other smart watch products. Salesforce is ready to support every enterprise customer with wearables that are contextually relevant, unobtrusive, and provide all the context through every data point you need to understand and act.

Myth or Reality – Learn How to Make IoT Analytics Work for Your Organization

Apr. 09, 2015 1:00PM EDT Virtual event
In today’s hyper-connected world, applying analytics to the internet of things is becoming more of a reality. However, with all of the data and technology available, how does one turn the deluge of information into in actionable insights? What role does analytics, mobility, self-service, and location intelligence play in IoT? In this educational webinar, join us to hear thought leader Howard Dresner share with us his views on possible ways to derive value from existing investment in IoT; as well as explore major themes and trends that are shaping the future for IoT analytics. Also, learn how customers and software solutions that exist today can assist in creating a visionary deployment of IoT within your organization.