The data, analytics, and BI market has exploded

Myriad new concepts, methodologies, architectures, technologies, vendors, products and hype!

It’s a noisy, new world and you need a trusted guide to help you navigate this new landscape.


Introducing our new Data Leaders Service


  • Understand key market drivers, technological advancements and best practices for BI, data and analytics.
  • Determine your organization’s strengths &  weaknesses and assess how well you’re delivering on what the organization needs.
  • Develop action plans for improvement and to help you set yourself apart through the successful leverage of data and analytics.


Why Dresner is Different


  • The Dresner Advisory team has over 300 years of collective experience, including veteran industry analysts, product specialists and technologists, and BI/analytics business users.
  • Our experience translates into bottom-line results.


Data-Driven; Unbiased by Opinion


  • All research is primary research: we collect the data, analyze it ourselves, and document the findings.
  • And only Dresner has the Wisdom of Crowds market studies with data from consistent, customer-reported criteria, not self-reported summaries that change every year.


Trusted Advisors. Respected Analysts


  • Advisory with our group of analysts is an ongoing conversation, with each meeting building on previous ones – and not 30-minute transactions.
  • Serving as an extension of your staff, our analysts develop a rapport with you and your team as well as developing an understanding of your organization and its objectives.
  • Each subsequent meeting is a continuation of that dialogue; never starting from “scratch”.
  • Advisory typically includes more than one analyst - to include different perspectives - and is not bounded by the limits of a half hour call.


Data Leaders. Different by Design

Promptly Meet with The Experts You Need

Members have preferred access for advisory time with Dresner analysts throughout the year, to review and give feedback and recommendations on strategy, architecture, organization, methodology and technology. Within 24 hours of contact our team will meet with you to discuss the scope of your topic and arrange an advisory discussion with the best analyst-experts within 48 hours.

Access to All Dresner Research,

Training and Data Members have access to our entire library of research and all ongoing research published during the year. This includes market reports, thought leadership articles, our interactive data viz tool, and recorded conference videos - to stay on top of the industry - with access to the knowledge you need to be successful.

Evaluate, Measure, and Achieve - Get and Stay on Track

Members receive regular organizational assessments using our trademark Hyper-Decisive®  Maturity Model Diagnostic and will work with our analyst team to chart a course towards ongoing improvements.



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