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What we hope to achieve at next week's Real BI Conference

Real Business Intelligence 2018 kicks off next week - June 27th and 28th on the campus of MIT in Cambridge, Massachusetts and there's still time to get involved.

Although I've shared lots of information about the event during the year, I want to focus on our guiding principles and goals for the event.

Our guiding principles, which I learned early in my career as an analyst, guide our research throughout the year and our annual Real BI event:

  • Teach a process: Provide the tools to see a problem in a new light and successfully tackle it 
  • Challenge status quo: Go against the grain of conventional wisdom, providing a broader and more informed perspective on a topic
  • Develop an expert: Arm people with insights to make them respected subject-matter authorities within their organizations
  • Help save money: Support people with critical information and skills that help them make better investment decisions for their organizations
  • Demystify: Facilitate understanding of new technologies and trends to help guide investment strategies

Our goals for the conference are driven by a desire to offer something very different to the market. Not just a conference, but an experience.

  • Different voices: Present exceptional thought leadership, with unique perspectives, that you will not hear elsewhere
  • Topical content: Provide topics/sessions that are critical to understand, important for success, and (often) surrounded by confusion and controversy
  • Relevance: Offer fresh content each year – keeping it dynamic and meaningful 
  • Community: Help foster relationships and build ongoing communities of interest

If this sounds interesting and compelling to you, visit our conference website at seebeyondthenoise.com and consider joining us next week.

Hope to see you there!



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