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What to Look for in a Location Intelligence Platform


Location Intelligence (LI) is a form of business intelligence (BI) that uses location or geography as the dominant dimension for analysis. Most typically, though not exclusively, users conduct analyses by viewing data points overlaid onto an interactive map interface.

LI platforms continue to make inroads into all types of business environments and industries. Available capabilities help users solve an increasingly complex set of challenges, from planning to execution.

This Research Insight presents five primary areas that LI platforms leverage to improve the work and business of those who use them. Those looking to select a new LI solution can assess capabilities using these five areas as part of an overall suitability scorecard.

The Dresner Advisory Services 2020 Location Intelligence Market Study Report provides a more detailed analysis of user and vendor perceptions of the LI market. 

Executive Summary

1. LI serves an important role in business systems for a range of uses. Vendors are increasing offerings and removing barriers that make it hard for users to get up to speed quickly.

2. Many options exist for building an analytical architecture that is scalable in nature and impactful to the business. Organizations should take note of several emerging capabilities and evaluate them against their particular use cases.

3. The offerings with the most impact provide easy access to public data catalogs, integrate with an ecosystem of technologies, boost analytical performance, and expose more sophisticated spatial analytics.

4. The future of LI will push further into the domains of traditional geographic information systems (GIS), web-based mapping, and big data analytics. LI also will continue to develop connections to traditional databases, programming platforms, and cloud infrastructures.

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