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Ways to Address the Scarcity of Skilled BI Talent

Among all organizations we surveyed, respondents rank the availability of skilled talent as their top business intelligence (BI) issue.

This Research Insight examines this skills shortage and compares it against other concerns identified in Dresner Advisory Services survey results.

Practical, potential solutions to talent-availability shortages and skills-development needs include increasing financial investments; leveraging leadership, new tools, and new approaches; and seeking a more diverse set of sources for skilled professionals.

This publication is part of a collection of Research Insights, which are concise summaries and recommendations derived from more extensive or previously unpublished Dresner Advisory Services research.

Executive Summary

1. Respondents rank services and talent availability their highest concern. Across all job roles, analytical reasoning remains a highly demanded “hard skill.”

2. Job tenure worldwide is low. Attracting, leveraging, and rewarding experience can help increase tenure, which in turn boosts services and talent availability.

3. Consider applying a portion of the financial resources generated from positive BI ROI to training and as-appropriate merit increases to continue to improve individuals’ skills, as well as increase retention and tenure.

4. The presence of a leader provides material benefit when defining a mission for a BI team. Among its other benefits, a mission also can help facilitate recruitment and improve retention. 

5. A constant learning culture that stresses skills acquisition and refinement can reinforce that an organization highly values its individuals (by investing and committing to their ongoing development). It also positively can shape their perceptions of a company as a reliable partner for long-term professional fulfillment and employment.

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