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The Top Challenges to BI Success

Dresner Advisory Services publishes the “BI Success Index” every year, which calculates successful business intelligence (BI) initiatives as a percentage of all BI initiatives. The BI Success Index stands at 85 percent.

Organizations are achieving high rates of success—despite facing many BI challenges. For example, smaller organizations may lack resources, while larger organizations may find it hard to coordinate efforts. Some industries may operate on low margins, while other more profitable industries may face disruption from innovators. All organizations have to cope with costs, deal with internal politics, and navigate the ever-changing data and analytics ecosystem, in which products, companies, and technologies quickly enter, evolve, and exit.

This report analyzes these issues, drawn from survey responses and other Dresner Advisory Services research to date:

· Services or talent availability

· Data and analytics ecosystem fragmentation

· Software costs

· Internal politics

· Industry instability

Respondents consider services or talent availability the top issue, followed closely by data and analytics ecosystem fragmentation. Most do not consider software costs an immediate or near-term problem. Although it scores somewhat lower, internal politics remain a problem. Industry instability is the lowest-rated issue.

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