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The State of BI, Data, and Analytics in the Technology Industry


This is the latest in a series of Dresner Advisory Services Research Insights focusing on industry-specific analysis of BI, data, and analytics.

Our findings show that for business intelligence (BI), data, and analytics, the technology industry has a higher level of maturity than the entire base of respondents to Dresner Advisory Services market surveys. Given their focus on technologies, these organizations’ higher underlying level of sophistication and maturity is expected for their BI, analytics, and related solutions. 

Technology organizations report higher overall success with BI initiatives, greater data literacy, and more data governance standardization than other industries. BI penetration is also higher, and respondents expect it to increase.

However, technology organizations also show a lower overall propensity to have either a chief data officer (CDO), a chief analytics officer (CAO), or both. This represents an opportunity for additional leadership, which our research shows fuels greater BI adoption and success. In addition, our research also shows that greater investments in BI technologies and innovations also deliver positive ROI and result in greater BI, data, and analytics success moving forward. 

Executive Summary

1. The technology industry showcases a higher level of BI maturity than other industries.

2. Although the technology industry reports a higher level of BI success compared with other industries, room exists for these organizations to improve their data-driven decision-making and overall data governance.

3. Technology organizations show higher levels of data literacy, supported by active programs.

4. The majority of all technology organizations don’t have a CDO or CAO in place and lack plans to add them.

5. BI penetration is higher in technology organizations and likely will increase during the next few years.

6. Marketing, sales, and R&D functions are more likely to drive BI initiatives in technology organizations.

7. Technology customers are more likely to use the information generated by their BI solutions, compared with other industries.

8. Technology organizations showcase a higher priority for specific technologies compared with other industries—including cloud, embedded BI, big data and analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), and the Internet of things (IoT).


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