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The Problem With Adjectives

Over the years – and most especially these past few months, I have listened to many an executive extol the virtues of their company and products with adjectives such as “incredible”, “unbelievable”, “transformative”, “amazing” and more.

Side note: Do they realize that “incredible” actually means not credible?

Sometimes these are used as compound adjectives such as “incredibly amazing” or “unbelievably transformative”. BTW, has anyone used “incredibly unbelievable” yet? And, is that like a double-negative meaning credibly believable? Sigh.

My point is that we have become a culture of hyperbole and exaggeration. People and organizations overstate the value of things to get your attention, your time, your interest, your agreement; your resources. Makers of breakfast cereals, pharmaceuticals, housewares, cars, and just about everything else are guilty of it. It’s exhausting!

Why do I tell you this? Because in a few short days we will kick off our second annual Real Business Intelligence conference in Cambridge, Massachusetts and we want to let you know what you’ll really experience if you attend.

1)     We are not incredible. In fact, we are very credible. Real BI is an educational event that is sponsored by the MIT Sloan Management School and held on the campus of MIT. This is our second year there and the feedback has been very positive. In fact 98% of last year’s attendees said they’d come back in 2018!

2)     We are not “amazing”, but we are impressive. We’ve assembled some inspiring thought leaders for you to meet, hear and interact with. People like Dr. Hal Gregersen, Executive Director of MIT’s Leadership Center or Amy Webb, found of the Future Today Institute and author of The Signals are Talking or Peter Schwartz, futurist and author of The Art of The Long View.

3)     We might be “transformative”, but we are certainly informative with case studies from Airbnb, Aldo Group, California State University, Univision, and Shopify. And, sessions on data privacy and GDPR, scenario development, catalytic questioning, data storytelling, data democracy, defining, creating and tracking metrics, transformational data leadership, the role of IoT and advanced analytics, and much, much more.

4)     We are not “unbelievable”. What we offer is both believable and very valuable. Our value proposition is offering great sessions and speakers, a small and interactive environment and a senior level peer group across functions, industries and geographies.

Attend Real Business Intelligence 2018 and see what we’re talking about. I think you’ll be impressed by what we have to offer: an experience worth your investment.

Visit seebeyondthenoise.com to learn more and join us June 27th and 28th in Cambridge, Massachusetts at the Tang Center on the campus of MIT.



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