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The Importance of Collaboration in Achieving BI Goals

Although many consider collaboration in business intelligence (BI) an occasional activity—for example, as part of a specific project—its benefits and value make it ideal for regular use and standardization.
Benefits of collaborative BI functionality include:

• Reaching consensus more readily
• Making better decisions
• Facilitating teamwork
• Gaining insights from existing resources
• Reviewing and auditing decision-making processes
• Not incurring additional licensing expenditures (by leveraging existing functionality in already-licensed software and services)

1. Respondents report using face-to-face-meetings, email, formal presentations, and virtual meetings as their most popular methods for collaborating with BI. However, early indications from our 2021 research suggest a dramatic increase in favor of virtual meetings and decreased use of face-to-face meetings.
2. Generally, the use of collaboration tools increases with organization size.
3. Enabling BI collaboration plays an important role in the levels of success achieved with BI initiatives.
4. Organizations that report the highest level of success with their BI initiatives use multiple collaboration tools, showing among the highest interest in all collaboration channels. Conversely, organizations that consider their BI initiatives unsuccessful tend to also underutilize collaborative tools.
5. The perceived criticality of collaborative BI exhibits a long-term upward trend. More than 70 percent of respondents consider it critical or very important.
6. Regardless of organization size, respondents perceive the importance of collaboration and BI quite similarly.
7. As is the case with methods of collaboration, interest in collaborative features tends to increase with organization size.

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