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The 2021 Business Intelligence Value Index®

The Dresner Advisory Services Research Insights for the Business Intelligence (BI) Value Index®—like the Research Insight publication on the BI Success Index®—are inspired by the many and varied economic indicators used globally by business and government leaders and their teams of analysts, economists, and researchers. Such indicators serve many functions: informing, provoking, and encouraging thought, discussion, and investment.
Dresner Advisory Services publishes two Research Insights on the BI Value Index, which are best read together. This report focuses on methodology and benchmarking; its companion covers best practices in the BI Value Index.
We ask a deliberately simple question to see how people characterize the achievement of their BI initiatives. The survey does not define achievement; it is in the mind of the respondent. It can have many dimensions—too many to capture in a broad-based survey. Since 2018, Dresner Advisory analysts interviewed more than 500 financial planning and analysis (FP&A) experts to derive numerical values for the types of achievements highlighted in this report.

1. BI initiatives drive an average ROI of 10.3 percent. This is better than most other medium-term market investments and just slightly lower than the last measurement of 11.0 percent, despite the economic stresses resulting from COVID-19.
2. Achievement of revenue growth, which plays a large role in determining BI ROI, drives the majority of the value in the BI Value Index.
3. BI ROI is high for most functions and in most industries, and is strong across all organization sizes.
4. Data literacy and BI competency center (BICC) programs correlate to stronger ROI.
5. The presence of data and analytics leadership positively influences BI value measurement.
6. Across all organization sizes, an opportunity exists to increase use of an ROI model as a measure of BI success.
7. More measurement methods correlate with more BI success.
8. Greater use of measurement correlates with increasing BI budgets.

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