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Real Business Intelligence 2018 - Another Great Success!

As I reflect on last week's Real Business Intelligence conference, I am thankful for all of the people that helped make it the extraordinary event that it was.

My thanks to all of the attendees - especially those that traveled great distances to join us! We received some great feedback, with 99% saying they'd attend again! Here are a few of the comments:

  • "Great conference, venue, sponsors, speakers, topics, networking"
  • "Great network of experts, excellent location"
  • "The level of content was outstanding. Every session was "keynote quality" and resulted in actionable take-ways"
  • "THANK YOU, Howard and team, for curating a stellar event with first class speakers and thought leaders. Energized to share and apply this info with my team and company"
  • This is such a high-quality event. The presentations are stellar, but what I enjoyed most was the variety of attendees. I met other public sector employees, including higher ed, as well as people from really innovative, fast-moving private sector spaces. It made for such rich conversation.
  • Attendance was up 50% this year, with nearly a third of last year's alumni returning! And, over 20% of this year's attendees have already pre-registered for 2019 and will serve as our steering committee for next year's event.

We are also grateful for our outstanding faculty, including Amy Webb, Hal Gregersen, Mico Yuk, David Dadoun (Aldo Group), Dr. Ella Hilal (Shopify), Peter Schwartz, Simone Knight (Univision), Brendan Aldrich (California State University) and Dr. Theresa Johnson (Airbnb). Also, thanks to our analyst team including our co-chair Bill Hostmann, Jim Ericson, Chris von Simson and Elizabeth Espinoza.

Additional thanks to our media partners MIT Sloan Management Review, and TechTarget and for our sponsors: Domo, Information Builders, MicroStrategy, Salesforce, Alation, Jedox, Pyramid Analytics, Prophix, and Trifacta.

Next year's event is planned for May 14th and 15th, back at MIT. We hope to see you there!



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