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Read three great articles and attend a webinar before attending Real BI Conference

Before attending our upcoming Real Business Intelligence Conference (July 11 & 12), please read these three relevant articles that were published this week:

- Despite functionality gains, use of cloud BI tools elevates slowly - Craig Stedman, SeachBusinessAnalytics

- Mathematician warns against weapons of 'math' destruction - Nicole Laskowski, SearchCIO

- Data skeptic Cathy O'Neil explains why we need to regulate algorithms - Nicole Laskowski, SearchCIO

Also, consider attending our conference preview webinar, next Tuesday (6/27) at 1:30 PM EDT where we'll have several of our external faculty on hand to present, including Mico Yuk and Chuck Hooper! 

Mico Yuk (author of Data Visualization for Dummies) and Chuck Hooper (author of 59 Minutes to Great Storytelling) will each share a preview of their materials planned for the conference.

I'll also be there and will share additional information about the event, scheduled for July 11th and 12th on the campus of MIT in Cambridge, MA.

At the live event there will be opportunities to win free conference passes and more!

Hope to see you there!


Howard Dresner

Real Business Intelligence Conference Co-Chair

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