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Preliminary Findings on How COVID-19 Impacts Budgets and Projects

The COVID-19 global pandemic makes unprecedented impacts and changes the reality of life and business for everyone. In these challenging times, the need to understand data and use it to make informed decisions is more paramount than ever.

Since Dresner Advisory Services is in the middle of our 2020 New Year User Survey, we decided to add questions to better understand how COVID-19 impacts projects or budgets. This Research Insight contains our analysis of initial responses to these questions. In short, the impact is significant and pervasive.

Since research collection is continuing, those who wish to contribute views on this topic can do so by completing the survey linked in the previous paragraph.

Executive Summary

1. We are early into this pandemic. Initial responses overwhelmingly indicate the business impact of COVID-19 significantly affects projects and budgets.

2. In all cases, across all factors analyzed—geography, role, industry, and organization size—a high majority report impact.

3. Respondents report highest regional impact in Europe, Middle East, and Africa (also commonly referred to as EMEA).

4. The most affected roles are operations, executive management, marketing, and finance.

5. Industries that report high levels of impact include higher education, consulting, advertising, healthcare providers, and manufacturing.

6. Mid-size organizations report the highest levels of impact.

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