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No Duds at Real Business Intelligence

For the past few weeks we've been reviewing all of the presentations for next week's Real BI Conference and have been incredibly impressed by the depth and brilliance of the content and related presenters.

I've created and chaired other BI conferences, at other firms in the past, with multiple tracks and hundreds of sessions. Some are good, others not. Lots of overlap and contradictions.

It's frustrating to attend a session that doesn't meet expectations. And, you can't get all the value of all the sessions unless you come with an army of people!

Real Business Intelligence is fundamentally different. Every session is a winner. We've carefully curated the content for this two-day, single track event and focus on presenters that are the best and brightest in their fields and that you will not hear anywhere else - with no duds!

There's still time to claim a seat for what promises to be an exceptional event! Real BI takes place next week, May 14-15, on the campus of MIT in Cambridge, MA.

Hope to see you there!

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