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IT Professionals Should Consider All Vendor Options When Sourcing EPM Software

Organizations evaluating EPM software face a wide range of vendors from which to choose. This indicates a healthy and active market, but it creates challenges for IT sourcing professionals, especially as EPM software can add complexity to an existing BI and analytics landscape. 

EPM software must complement enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems because ERP systems hold much of the underlying transaction data used by EPM software. Most ERP vendors offer EPM solutions; and in some, but not all, cases, these are integrated with the underlying ERP software. This offers the potential to simplify the deployment of EPM software where ERP is already deployed.

The Dresner Advisory 2019 Wisdom of Crowds® EPM Market Study analyzed the impact of ERP on EPM sourcing strategy. ERP vendors have a strong market presence, and 62 percent of respondents deployed an ERP system. However, despite the potential attractions of using EPM solutions from ERP vendors, the majority of respondents are not swayed by ERP vendor marketing and adopt an objective and open approach to EPM sourcing.  

Executive Summary

· Most organizations already use ERP software, and most ERP vendors offer EPM solutions that augment their ERP capabilities.

· Despite this, ERP vendors are not the de facto choice for EPM software. Only 9 percent of respondents prefer to source EPM software from their ERP vendor.

· The majority of respondents are open to all vendor types: 41 percent of respondents stated they have no preference for EPM specialists or ERP vendors and would evaluate all options.

· There are no major variations by region in EPM sourcing preferences. However, there are some variations in preferences for EPM sourcing by function and organization size.

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