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Is Big Data Past The Tipping Point?

Recently we published the 2018 Big Data Analytics Market Study, part of the Wisdom of Crowds® series of research. The 4th annual Big Data Analytics report examined end user trends and intentions surrounding big data analytics, defined as systems that enable end-user access to and analysis of data contained and managed within the Hadoop ecosystem.

Across the four years of our comprehensive big data analytics study, there was a continued strong upward trend in adoption and a corresponding drop in those with no plans. This trend shows a strong indication of mainstream adoption.

According to the study, organizations that have adopted big data has reached a new high of 59 percent, with fewer than 10 percent of respondents having no plans to use big data at all. Telecommunications and insurance are the first industries moving to adopt big data, with R&D, BICC, and operations the most likely functional users of big data. Data warehouse optimization and forecasting, are the top big data use cases followed by customer/social analysis and predictive maintenance. 

Additionally, industry sentiment is on the rise in 2018 with 54 percent of all vendors saying big data is ‘critically important.

In general, we can say with some confidence that the user and industry sentiments toward big data are more aligned this year than in any of our previous years’ studies.

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