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Introducing the Hyper-Decisiveā„¢ Maturity Model

A digital enterprise is an organization that uses technology as a competitive advantage in its internal and external operations.

Digital enterprises must be Hyper-Decisive™—the apex of innovation and perspective—by instantaneously processing vast arrays of data and information and delivering actionable insights to a growing user community.

A new state exists beyond an individual looking at data, analyzing it, and making a decision. We call this hyper-decision. Enabled by numerous technology and organizational capabilities, the state of hyper-decision may be achieved by people or machines.

All organizations seek to make better and faster decisions and to do so in as many organizational functions as possible, with the aim of aligning to strategic goals, especially optimized operations and business growth. This type of hyper-decisiveness is beyond a single high-speed, high-frequency system. It is a hyper-decisive organization.

One useful tool for thinking about such idealized states is a maturity model. Dresner Advisory Services unveiled its Hyper-Decisive Maturity Model at the Real Business Intelligence Conference in mid-2019. 

Executive Summary

1. The Hyper-Decisive Maturity Model is a tool for generating ideas, discussion, and making progress toward optimal decision-making.

2. Hyper-Decisiveness has many capabilities, which work together.

3. Failing to balance progress across the different capabilities of Hyper-Decisiveness can be catastrophic to an organization.

4. Many organizations are making good progress with successful and valuable achievement of their goals.

5. Higher achievement of Hyper-Decisiveness correlates with much higher organizational value.

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