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For IT Professionals and Vendors, Understanding ERP Adoption Enables Success

or the first time, the 2019 Dresner Advisory Services Wisdom of Crowds Business Intelligence Market Study included questions on how organizations adopt and use enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, which aims to integrate finance, administrative and operational functions through a single vendor software suite. Survey responses reveal insights into ERP software use, the types of organizations using ERP software, strategies for adopting ERP software and the most commonly used ERP vendors. 

IT professionals and BI vendors need to understand ERP adoption because it can significantly impact BI and analytics strategies. Greater opportunities to deliver business value through BI and analytic capabilities may exist in an organization that uses ERP software. Because the underlying ERP solution likely will contain a wide range of transactional data that shares a common data architecture and data model, augmenting this environment with BI and analytics capabilities can be easier (and thus have shorter time to value) than it would be in a more heterogeneous transaction-processing environment.  

Executive Summary

· Forty-eight percent of organizations we surveyed use ERP software. It is more widely used by mid- and large-sized organizations, and by the manufacturing industry.

· Organizations that use ERP software strongly favor a single-vendor approach.

· Although Microsoft, Oracle, and SAP are the most widely used ERP vendors, a significant percentage of survey respondents (39 percent) use ERP software from other vendors.

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