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Dr. Theresa Johnson joins us again for Real Business Intelligence 2018

For those that weren't at our 2017 Real Business Intelligence event, it was a tremendous success! In fact nearly 99% of attendees said that they would return for our 2018 event. They loved the speakers, the content, and the venue.

One of our highly-rated 2017 faculty members, Dr. Theresa Johnson will be joining us again for 2018. Last year she presented on data science at Airbnb. 

Click here to view a video excerpt of Theresa's 2017 session.

For 2018, Theresa will be presenting Defining, Creating and Tracking Metrics at Airbnb.

Dr. Johnson tells us that there are two types of metrics to drive business results: input metrics that measure things your product can directly control and output metrics, the business results that you hope to move.

By understanding this framework, Airbnb was able to move from a single OKR to a suite of more granular metrics, increasing effectiveness at measuring what really matters in achieving business goals. 

Real Business Intelligence 2018 takes place on June 27th and 28th on the campus of MIT, Cambridge, MA. Get complete conference details, including: sessions and speakers: www.seebeyondthenoise.com

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