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Collective Insights 2016: Three Takeaways

In April, we published our inaugural Collective Insights research report, which builds upon our view of Collaborative Business Intelligence by adding an important, emergent dynamic to the mix: user governance. Where collaborative business intelligence is a process that develops a common, shared understanding that improves decision-making, user governance - the policies and controls for directing content creation and sharing - improve information consistency and accelerates that group-based decision-making.

Here are three high level takeaways to keep in mind as you evaluate the collaboration and user governance initiatives in your organization. 
1. Collaboration is Important: A solid majority (65 percent) considers collaborative BI either "critical" (21 percent) or "very important" and say collaboration does translate to BI success. Collaboration (14th) and governance (11th) rank above the middle of 30 topics under study at Dresner Advisory Services with support well ahead of cloud, big data etc. and other "hot" topics. Sharing , annotating and co-authoring are top collaborative BI requirements. Industry support for content co-creation and collaboration features is robust and maturing.

2. User Governance is Especially Important: Governance of BI content creation and sharing is extraordinarily (90 percent-plus) important to respondents in 2016  and correlates strongly to success with BI. Only 1 percent says governance is "not important." Vendor sentiment for managing and governing BI content is also extremely strong. Top governance feature requirements relate to access control and sign-on, but other controls are also important.

3. Enterprise Frameworks Adrift: Respondent interest in enterprise collaborative frameworks (e.g., SharePoint, Google Docs, Salesforce Chatter) is not as strong as might be expected and trails sentiment toward collaboration and user governance generally. After Sharepoint (49 percent), fewer than one in three respondents use any OTS enterprise collaboration framework and, in our sample base, only a handful of products have more than 10 percent adoption.  
You’ll find much more in our report, all free to the users who filled out our study, and this is just one of a dozen reports we’re producing this year. For those that are not a part of our research community, the report is available for purchase at www.collectiveinsights.report.


Jim Ericson
Vice President and Research Director
Dresner Advisory Services

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