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Cloud Computing and Cloud BI 2016: Three Takeaways

In March, we publishd our fifth assessment of the cloud BI arena, which finds us at a period of expectation leveling. Attitudes toward cloud BI and cloud generally remain at mid-tier importance among BI priorities. Sentiment has cooled slightly from the blue-sky days, consistent with maturing technology markets.

Here are three high level takeaways to keep in mind as you evaluate the cloud and cloud BI initiatives in your organization.  

1. Slow March to Public: Across five years of data, actual use and favorable attitudes toward future use of public (multitenant) cloud BI have steadily increased and future. plans for public cloud BI use now slightly eclipse private cloud use. Industry support has likewise shifted toward public cloud year over year. Future cloud BI investment will also be slightly higher for public than for private cloud models; few plan decreased cloud BI investments in any model.

2. Cloud BI Still Looks Like BI: Regardless of delivery model, users have consistent expectations for BI tools and functionality. Traditional BI functionality (advanced visualization, ad-hoc query, dashboards and self-service) lead the list of the most-required cloud BI features.  "Data blending" has become a more popular term, "self-service" less so. The most important architectural feature for cloud BI is relational database support, followed by open client connectors, automatic upgrades and connectors to on-premise apps.  

3. Industry Has Your Back: Though vendor enthusiasm toward cloud and cloud BI has also eased a bit, it remains higher than that of end users and will continue to drive adoption. Support for BI features and architecture generally meets user demands. The industry also appears responsive to user preferences for subscription models versus perpetual license and maintenance. A notable problem remains support for security standards, which is weak but improving. 

You’ll find this and much more in our report, all free to the qualified users who filled out our survey and this is just one of over a dozen reports we’re producing this year. For those that are not a part of our research community, the report is available for purchase at http://cloudbi.report


Jim Ericson
Research Director
Dresner Advisory Services

Jim Ericson is a research director with Dresner Advisory Services. Jim has served as a consultant and journalist who studies end-user management practices and industry trending in the data and information management fields. From 2004 to 2013 he was the editorial director at Information Management magazine (formerly DM Review), where he created architectures for user and industry coverage for hundreds of contributors across the breadth of the data and information management industry. As lead writer he interviewed and profiled more than 100 CIOs, CTOs, and program directors in a 2010-2012 program called “25 Top Information Managers.” His related feature articles earned ASBPE national bronze and multiple Mid-Atlantic region gold and silver awards for Technical Article and for Case History feature writing.

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