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Business Intelligence: A Growing and Evolving Market

The business intelligence (BI) market grew slowly (and steadily) for many years. However, some suggest it shifted in favor of a replacement market, with limited “greenfield” opportunities. Dresner Advisory Services research shows that growth continues and that the replacement market, although present, does not dominate.

Executive Summary:

1. The majority of organizations consider their BI initiatives successful and BI data instrumental to decision making, both of which indicate BI solutions are mature and well accepted.

2. With BI budgets increasing in more than half of all organizations, the BI market continues to expand.

3. Although 28 percent of organizations replaced BI products, the vast majority (72 percent) haven’t, indicating replacement is not a primary BI market driver.

4. Desires for more functionality and modernization mainly compel BI replacement decisions. Only a small percentage of respondents (17 percent) cite cost as a dominant factor in BI replacements.

5. The more experience an organization has with BI tools, the less likely it will look to replace a BI product.

6. Functional roles with high data and analytics requirements are more likely to seek BI replacements, and opt for solutions with more modern data management and analytical functionality.

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