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BI Insights: Analyst Thought Leadership at the 2021 Real Business Intelligence Conference

The field of Business Intelligence (BI) covers multiple solution areas. The Dresner Advisory Services fifth annual Real Business Intelligence conference coming up September 21st and 22nd 2021 will cover a wide variety of topics, including data, analytics, and enterprise performance management. Positioned as a data and analytics event expressly for “Data Leaders” this year’s conference will again feature an outstanding faculty of thought leader speakers. I recently had the chance to discuss the Real Business Intelligence conference with Brian Wood, Research Director at Dresner Advisory Services, and a recognized expert in data architecture and infrastructure, governance, and enterprise performance management, among other areas. 

Q: Brian, looking back on your career spanning 30 plus years, including working for Gartner, McKinsey, and SAP, what are some of the major developments you have seen first-hand in Business Intelligence that bring us to a time where BI, data, analytics are at the forefront of our industry? What are the key themes you expect from this year’s Real Business Intelligence conference reinforcing this?

A:  Probably the biggest development I have witnessed is the move from rear-view mirror approaches (descriptive analysis) to forward looking analytics. The growth and progress with Data Science and Predictive modeling have caused many leaders to focus more on Prediction, and some even focusing on Prescriptive analytics. Some of the themes that will reinforce this include how to build and strengthen your Data and Analytics team, and generally how to build a data centric culture and approach.

Q: What are your recommendations for “Data Leaders” attending this year’s Real Business Intelligence conference, and are there specific areas for both IT and business leaders to focus upon to get the most from this year’s event?

A: As mentioned above, focusing on development of the team and culture are always a top priority. Additionally, start thinking about the forward-looking use cases that might have the biggest impact on your organization, and how to deliver value. I have long believed that people in general spend too little time defining what success looks like, so I would also focus on doing this in some structured way that can be shared with stakeholders. You can learn a lot from this process as well.

Q: COVID19 has accelerated digital transformation by seven years or more, according to some experts. What was your experience presenting and interacting with attendees in an on-line event at last year’s Real Business Intelligence conference? After a year plus of on-line events, what unique things can attendees expect from this year’s on-line conference?

A: My experience in 2020 was overall quite positive. I believe the level of interactivity was somewhat decreased due to lack of familiarity with the platform. I will speculate that many/most attendees will have significant experience with online only events and meetings and will be able to focus more on content and questions rather than the mechanics of the platform. So, it is my hope that the unique aspect of the conference will be the level of engagement and participation from the attendees.

Brian thank you for taking time to meet, and we appreciate your great insights as a long-term veteran of the Business Intelligence marketplace. 

Be sure to visit the Real Business Intelligence 2021 Web site for the latest information on content and speakers and register now for the on-line event. As a bonus, ticket sales help benefit charity. Be sure to join the Dresner Advisory Services team for their free educational Luncheon Learning webinars.

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