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Are you Hyper-Decisive? Announcing Real Business Intelligence 2019

I am pleased to announce that registration is open for the 2019 Real Business Intelligence® conference, the only industry event for business and IT communities focused completely on real world best practices and proven methods for business intelligence, analytics, information management, and performance management. 

The 2019 Real Business Intelligence Conference will be held May 14-15, at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Tang Center in Cambridge, MA and will focus upon Digital Transformation: Driving Change with Data.

Digital enterprises must be hyper-decisive(TM) – instantaneously processing vast arrays of data and information and delivering actionable insights to a growing community of users. 

This year’s conference will explore the essentials of culture, technology, and process, helping attendees leverage and evolve current investments to emerge as successful, future-ready, and hyper-decisive enterprises.

Here are some of the extraordinary speakers that comprise our 2019 faculty:

Bill Aulet – Managing Director of the Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship and Professor, MIT Sloan School of Management, will conduct a workshop focused upon how data drives change and competitive advantage, the networking effects created with data, and why some new ventures that drive change with data soar, while others fail

Sylvia Acevedo – CEO of Girls Scouts of the USA, will present on their digital transformation powered by data analytics, creating a 360-degree view of customer, reaching more girls and increasing impact

Efosa Ojomo – Research Fellow at the Clay Christensen Institute for Disruptive Innovation, will discuss intelligently using data to make more accurate predictions, and developing theories in the absence of data, to help better predict what causes what - and why.

Dr. Iyad Rahwan – Associate Professor of Media Arts and Sciences at MIT Media Lab, will share insights into the various projects deployed at MIT to build a more cooperative relationship between humans and intelligent machines - founded in science and democratic values

Dr. Barb Wixam – Principal Research Scientist at the MIT Center for Information Systems Research, will present on “data wrapping”, one of three key approaches to data monetization, describing key activities that distinguish top performers – and exploring implications for business intelligence

Dr. Benson Hsu – Vice President of Population Health at Sanford Healthcare System, will explore the fundamentals for the successful transition from big data to artificial intelligence at Sanford Health and its positive effect on population health

Gary Cokins – a renowned EPM expert, will explore the importance and value of strategy maps and balanced scorecards, measures of channel and customer profitability, and activity-based cost management and transparency

David Dadoun – Senior Director of Business Intelligence and Data Governance at Aldo Group, will explore the need for user proficiency in working with data and the design center and goals that drove the creation of Aldo Group’s emerging data literacy program

Ankur Gopal – Founder and CEO at Interapt, will explore the widening talent gap as companies increasingly adopt digital business initiatives and the program they created, to source talent from diverse backgrounds, teaching them the skill of “learning how to learn” in an immersive training program

Mari Kuraishi – President of the Jessie Ball DuPont Fund and co-founder of Global Giving, will discuss the challenges of leveraging data within the nonprofit and philanthropic world, ethical issues around data, and how data is being used to transform the work of the social sector in areas as diverse as fraud detection, data consolidation, and monitoring

As a part of its mission, the Real Business Intelligence conference shares profits with charity. 2019 giving partners include: Girl Scouts, Global Giving, The Martin Trust for Entrepreneurship, and The MIT Center for Information Systems Research.

Register by visiting seebeyondthenoise.com.

I hope to see you there!



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