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Adopting Performance Management Can Improve BI Outcomes

Although most organizations deployed some form of business intelligence (BI), in many cases, they did it in isolation from other analytic capabilities such as enterprise planning. Deploying BI in a considered and complementary manner with other analytic capabilities forms the foundation of a modern management system. Dresner Advisory Services has long advocated the concept of performance management, which fortifies the management cycle with enterprise-class modeling, planning, BI, and analytics in a single, or closely linked, system. In our view, performance management is BI with a purpose.

Analysis of previously unpublished data from the most recent Dresner Advisory Services Wisdom of Crowds® Business Intelligence Market Study reveals evidence of the benefits of adopting an approach based on the concept of performance management. Our study identifies organizations that are “planning advocates,” that is, respondents who rate enterprise planning of critical importance to their organizations. We compared the results for the planning advocate organizations with the overall sample. This analysis identifies several areas where planning advocates realize better outcomes.

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