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A new maturity model for the digital enterprise

Over the past month our analyst team, and extended community, have developed break-through research in support of the digital enterprise and what we call "hyper-decisiveness" - instantaneously processing vast arrays of data and information, and delivering actionable insights to a growing community of users. The resulting Hyper-Decisive(TM) Maturity Model, with 9 competencies and 4 levels of achievement, will serve as both a diagnostic and a road map for organizations working to become digital enterprises.

The Hyper-Decisive Maturity Model is designed to evolve and expand, offering an increasing number of tools for enterprises to strengthen current initiatives and develop plans to evolve and become digital enterprises.

At our 2019 event, keynote sessions have been designed with this model in mind. Round-table sessions and panels will be used to share and solicit feedback, further expanding the model and making it optimally useful and relevant.

When you register for our upcoming event, we'll share a beta version of the maturity model (under NDA) and welcome you to our Slack community, taking part in the discussion and evolution of the model. This will help prepare you to become a full participant in its direction - during and after - the event.

I hope to see you at the Real Business Intelligence Conference on May 14th and 15th, at the MIT Tang Center in Cambridge, MA. Register now to take advantage of early-bird pricing extended through April 15th! 

Hyper-decisively yours, 

Howard Dresner

Real Business Intelligence Conference Co-chair

Want to learn more about our Hyper-Decisive(TM) Maturity Model? Register for our webinar on the topic - April 3rd at 1:00 PM ET.

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