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2016 Wisdom of Crowds Business Intelligence Market Study Report - Buyers' Guide Edition

The 2016 Wisdom of Crowds Business Intelligence Market Study is our annual assessment of the business intelligence (BI) market - examining key user trends, attitudes, and plans for the next three years.   

For each annual study, BI users contribute their opinion on many topics related to their current and planned usage and are asked to prioritize technologies and initiatives strategic to BI. In 2016 the study was expanded to track five additional initiatives and technologies, including governance, streaming data analysis, data storytelling, and edge computing, extending the analysis to a total of 30 areas. 

The 2016 BI Market Study shows that fundamental BI technologies such as reporting, dashboards, and self-service are of top importance, while cognitive BI and Internet of Things are considered fringe priorities. Penetration of BI has grown noticeably in 2016, with most organizations employing one, two, or three different BI tools. 

The Buyers' Guide Edition of the 2016 Wisdom of Crowds ® Business Intelligence market study contains 176 pages of in-depth market analysis, with 133 charts and tables, 28 vendor rankings AND an exclusive buyers' guide!

This buyers' guide compares and contrasts BI vendor products across 22 feature sets and three key platforms: Traditional, Cloud and Mobile.

Also included is a section detailing industry licensing and pricing practices for on-premises, public cloud, named user, concurrent use, perpetual licensing, subscription and annual maintenance.