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2017 Embedded Business Intelligence Market Study Report

Embedded Business Intelligence is the technological capability to include BI features and functions as an inherent part of another application.

The 5th annual Embedded Business Intelligence report focuses on the requirement to make business intelligence (BI) capabilities pervasive by including them as part of other applications. 

In the 2017 study, users rank embedded BI technology 12th out of 33 business intelligence topics and technologies currently under study, behind the most mainstream BI practices such as reporting and dashboards, but ahead of other widely discussed initiatives including cloud and big data.  More than half the respondents already use embedded BI, sharply up year over year.

According to the study, users want features in embedded BI that can manipulate non-static BI objects through drill-down and filtering. They also want to access embedded BI objects seamlessly across applications and servers via single sign-on. Industry importance and support for embedded BI continues to grow and track with user demand. 

Like our other thematic research reports, Embedded BI explores user perceptions and intentions and includes 80 pages of in-depth analysis with over 50 charts and tables, and ratings for 24 vendors, making it a valuable tool for anyone considering investing in embedded BI products.