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2017 Big Data Analytics Market Study

For 2017 we explore the big data analytics dynamic and compare findings over the course of three years (2015-2017).

Across the three years of comprehensive study of big data analytics, there has been a significant increase in uptake in usage and a large drop of those with no plans to adopt. In 2017, IT has emerged as the most typical adopter of big data, although all departments including finance are considering future use. This is an indication that big data is becoming less an experimental endeavor and more of a practical pursuit within organizations

In our 2017 study, telecommunications and financial services are the leading industry adopters, with 87 percent and 76 percent respectively reporting current usage. Current adoption of big data is notably strongest within very large organizations. Data warehouse optimization remains the top use case for big data, followed by customer/social analysis and predictive maintenance.

This report contains 94 pages of in-depth analysis with 65 charts and vendor ratings for 19 vendors and is recommended for anyone considering a big data analytics initiative.