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How the rise of big data and AI will impact MSPs

IT organizations are starting to signal their intent to consolidate all the analytics applications they need to support around a common pool of “big data” whenever possible. A recent report from Dresner Advisory Services finds 60 percent of respondents would prefer to have a single analytical data infrastructure (ADI) platform, with the majority of those respondents preferring that platform to reside in the cloud. The challenge most organizations have historically faced is that it’s been relatively simple for most lines of business to set up their own analytics applications, as the cost of deploying these applications locally or accessing them as a cloud service has continued to decline. As more organizations start to view data as a strategic asset, there’s a push to centralize it. The primary driver of that shift will be the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) applications that require access to massive amounts of data to accurately create an AI model that automates a business process. While that shift is still relatively nascent, the critical mass of data being aggregated will eventually create enough gravity to pull all the analytics applications of an organization within the scope of the big data repository being employed to drive AI applications.