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The State Of IoT Intelligence, 2018

Sales, Marketing and Operations are most active early adopters of IoT today; Early adopters most often initiate pilots to drive revenue and gain operational efficiencies faster than anticipated; 32% of enterprises are investing in IoT, and 48% are planning to in 2019; IoT early adopters lead their industries in advanced and predictive analytics adoption. These and many other fascinating insights are from Dresner Advisory Services’ latest report, 2018 IoT Intelligence® Market Study, in its 4th year of publication. The study concentrates on end-user interest in and demand for business intelligence in IoT. The study also examines key related technologies such as location intelligence, end-user data preparation, cloud computing, advanced and predictive analytics, and big data analytics. “While the market is still in an early stage, we believe that IoT Intelligence, the means to understand and leverage IoT data, will continue to expand as organizations mature in their collection and leverage of sensor level data,” said Howard Dresner, founder, and chief research officer at Dresner Advisory Services. 70% of respondents work at North American organizations (including the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico). EMEA accounts for about 20%, and the remainder is distributed across Asia-Pacific and Latin America. Please see pages 11, 15 through 18 of the study for specifics regarding the methodology and respondent demographics.