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Opinion: Flexibility and the democratization of data will define business intelligence

The amount of data we create is staggering. On average, people send nearly 300 billion emails and perform more than one billion Google searches on any single day. And these are just two of the many ways in which humans interact with technology. As consumers produce more information, the opportunity for companies to make data-driven decisions becomes greater—but only if they can make sense of it all. Thirty-two percent of executives agree that massive amounts of data have made things worse. For companies, this has made Business Intelligence (BI) more relevant than ever. While BI isn’t new, companies are now focused on the democratization of data, or empowering individual users across the organization to get the right insights when they need them most. And self-service is top-of-mind. According to the Dresner Advisory Service’s 2018 Wisdom of Crowds® Business Intelligence Market Study, dashboards, reporting and end-user self-service were named as the top three most important initiatives strategic to BI this year.