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Standing at the crossroads of managed BI cloud services

Business intelligence (BI) applications have been moving steadily to the cloud for some time now. A new “2018 Cloud Computing and Business Intelligence Market Study” published by Dresner Advisory Services finds the number of organizations planning to increase spending on BI applications running on a public or private cloud to be roughly even at 36 and 37 percent, respectively. But, there are nuances to how organizations want to consume those applications. The top three methods are try and buy, subscription, and as a managed service. All three rank equally in terms of overall importance. When it comes to licensing BI software as a managed service, however, competition between vendors and third-party managed service providers appears to be heating up. The survey finds that while 40 percent of respondents have no preference, 37 percent prefer the managed service to be provided by the vendor. That compares to 23 percent favoring a third-party provider. Not surprisingly, the survey also finds that organizations relying on a third-party vendor prefer the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud, which has a slight edge over Microsoft Azure platform, followed by Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and IBM Bluemix.