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2017 Internet Of Things (IoT) Intelligence Update

Manufacturing, Consulting, Business Services and Distribution & Logistics are the top four industries leading IoT adoption. Growing revenue and increasing competitive advantage are the highest priority Business Intelligence (BI) objectives IoT advocates or early adopters are pursuing today. Location intelligence, streaming data analysis, and cognitive BI are the top three most valuable IoT use cases. The higher the BI adoption, the greater the probability of success with IoT initiatives. 53% of all respondents say that IoT is somewhat important with fewer than 15% saying it is critical or very important today. These and many other insights are from Dresner Advisory Services’ 2017 Edition IoT Intelligence Wisdom of Crowds Series study. The study defines IoT as the network of physical objects, or "things," embedded with electronics, software, sensors, and connectivity to enable objects to collect and exchange data. The study examines key related technologies such as location intelligence, end-user data preparation, cloud computing, advanced and predictive analytics, and big data analytics. Please see page 11 of the study for details regarding the methodology. For an excellent overview of Internet of Things (IoT) predictions for 2018, please see Gil Press' post, 10 Predictions For The Internet Of Things (IoT) In 2018.