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Big data forces a reassessment of how to use BI dashboard software

BI dashboards are still a top priority for most businesses, but emerging trends around big data are forcing BI and IT teams to rethink how dashboards can be built and used most effectively. Despite the hype surrounding many other analytics technologies, businesses today continue to find the most value in using business intelligence and reporting dashboards. "A lot of people discount reporting and dashboards, but you shouldn't because they're the mainstay of BI," said Howard Dresner, founder, president and chief researcher at analyst firm Dresner Advisory Services LLC in Nashua, N.H.. In a presentation at his company's Real Business Intelligence conference, held at MIT in July, Dresner compared users' perceptions of the value of data dashboards with other analytics technologies based on end-user surveys conducted by the firm. He said big data has only recently crossed the threshold of providing more value than hype.