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2017 State Of Business Intelligence And Predictive Analytics

Reporting, dashboards, advanced visualization and end-user self-service are given the highest priority initiatives in enterprises focused on making BI a strategic foundation for growth. In-memory analytics, in-database analytics, and In-Hadoop analytics are considered the three most critical predictive analytics and BI platforms in enterprises today. Relying on an abundance of predictive analytics features doesn't necessarily lead to a successful BI strategy enterprise wide, but focusing on business outcomes does. These and many other insights are from 2017 Advanced and Predictive Analytics Market Study (PDF, 90 pp., client access) published today by Dresner Advisory Services. The report is available to non-clients here. The study is based on insights gained from interviews with Dresner Advisory Service’s research community of over 3,000 organizations, in addition to vendor customer community interviews. 57% of respondents are from North America, 31% from Europe, the Middle East & Africa, with the remaining 12% from Asia-Pacific (8%) and Latin America (4%). For additional details regarding the methodology, please see page 11 of the study.