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Despite functionality gains, use of cloud BI tools elevates slowly

Running business intelligence applications in the cloud has yet to take the BI world by storm. Researcher Howard Dresner offers insight on why and discusses the state of cloud BI software. Cloud-based business intelligence has been a slowly simmering part of the BI market for more than 10 years, and researcher Howard Dresner says that doesn't appear to be changing significantly, despite the overall growth of cloud computing. An annual survey on cloud BI usage conducted by Dresner's company, Dresner Advisory Services LLC, did find a small uptick in adoption this year. Thirty-one percent of the 383 respondents from user organizations said their companies are using cloud BI tools, up from 25% in 2016. But there was a nearly corresponding drop in the percentage of respondents saying they might deploy cloud-based BI technology in the future. Meanwhile, the percentage of respondents with no intention of going to the cloud for BI held steady at 38%, according to a recently published report on the survey.