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The State Of Location Intelligence Analytics and BI, 2017

Research and Development and executive management are two functions that place the greatest importance on location intelligence analytics and business intelligence (BI). Energy and transportation industries place the most significant emphasis on location intelligence analytics and BI today. 63% of respondents perceive location intelligence as being critically (20%) and very important (43%) to their ongoing business operations. Executive management is most interested in cloud-based deployments of location intelligence analytics, and BI gives cloud its highest criticality ranking. These and many other insights are from an excellent research study recently published by Dresner Advisory Services titled 2017 Location Intelligence Market Study Report (92 pp., PDF, client access). Dresner Advisory Services defines location intelligence as a form of business intelligence where the dominant dimension used for analysis is location or geography. Most typically, though not exclusively, analyses are conducted by viewing data points overlaid onto an interactive map interface.